A Simple Overview of Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

by | Aug 13, 2016 | General Tech

The technology necessary to keep a business running today is staggering, along with the associated cost. A major part of this cost is the equipment. The significant up-front investment along with the ongoing maintenance expense is a shock for many small businesses. At the rate at which technology advances, equipment also becomes obsolete as soon as you get used to having it around. For small and mid-size businesses it can be impossible to keep up with. These realities have given rise to a managed-service model called Hardware as a Service. Consider whether this is a good option for your business.

Hardware as a Service Defined

You may be wondering: What is HaaS? While you may have never heard the term before, the concept isn’t new. It is similar to your cable/internet company providing a router and upgrading or replacing it as needed, for a monthly fee. An IT provider will provide all necessary technologies to your business, and you will pay them a monthly fee instead of buying everything outright. Some hardware will be stored with you onsite such as wireless routers, but as much as possible the IT company will house and maintain all hardware. This saves you the up-front investment as well as ongoing costs of maintenance.

How HaaS Could Benefit You

Not only does it save money in maintenance and initial investment, but it also means you no longer need an in-house IT department. You will save more money by having a smaller staff. Though HaaS may sound similar to leasing the equipment from a company, there is one big difference. With the HaaS model, your monthly fee also includes all the expert support you need from the IT company. With the lease model, this support comes at an added cost. Your hardware is always up-to-date, as well as your browsers, antivirus software, and operating system. Like a home security system, your entire system is continuously monitored by experts. You know your software and equipment will always be upgraded to the latest releases and models. You will also have the highest level of security for your network system and expert troubleshooting always available to you.

HaaS and Your Business

Always have the latest technology without the ongoing hassle of maintenance AND save money for your business. Consider how Hardware as a Service could be the answer for your business. Enstep, a leader in Houston IT Solutions, is dedicated to making technology more effective and affordable while you focus on your business goals. For more information on Hardware as a Service or to schedule an appointment, Contact Us.

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