Have You Outgrown Your IT Department?

Outgrown Your IT Departmet, Enstep, Houston Managed IT ServicesHave you outgrown your IT provider, IT team or IT consultant? In the current business climate driven by technology and constant innovation, your IT solution is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. In order to handle your ongoing IT requirements and keep you ahead of your competition, it needs to be experienced, forward thinking, and nimble to respond.  

6 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your IT Department

1) No time to build your business.

Do you find you’re constantly getting preoccupied with many small, easy-to-fix IT items rather than focusing on your business as a whole? Your IT solution should take care of these items quickly and quietly for you in the background. You need to focus your time and energy into revenue-producing and business growth activities.  

2) Slow response time.

You may find your current IT solution is slow to respond to problem tickets or altogether unresponsive to calls and emails. Your business technology drives your daily operations. When problems or issues arise, you need to know they’ll be handled thoroughly and quickly.

3) Email sorrows.

Does your business email system keep failing? Maybe your email application is outdated and still using old technology. Listen to your employees. Do they complain about email woes frequently? Your IT solution should keep your email system running smoothly with as few issues, glitches, and hiccups as possible.

4) No business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

Do you and your IT solution have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan? A business continuity plan keeps your business running in the wake of major disasters while a disaster recovery plan helps you rebuild, restructure, and recover from a disaster. If your IT company does NOT have these plans in place, how will they support you through a disaster? Did you know 60% of companies in Houston do not have a disaster recovery plan? Make sure yours does.

5) Out of date hardware and software.

Another key to keeping your daily operations running smoothly and efficiently is having updated and upgraded hardware and software. If you’re using outdated hardware that’s ready to be retired, it will affect your productivity, morale, and output. The same goes for software. If your competition has better tools than you to complete the tasks at hand, how do you intend to keep up?

6) Still not in the cloud.

The cloud has revolutionized the business world. It makes you more efficient, more secure, and more mobile. Do you know the downsides and benefits of cloud based services for your business? There are several options to consider and you’ll need to work with your IT solution to determine what’s best for you.

One Solution Covers Everything

All of this takes a lot of work, steady detailed attention, and forward thinking strategy. You may not have the time or resources to do it all in house. You can keep it simple, however, and use one solution to cover all your IT needs. If your business has outgrown your IT department, consider  managed IT services.

Learn More

IT support is one thing you can’t afford to let fall behind. As your company grows, technology advances and your IT needs shift, you need an IT solution that will keep pushing you forward and never drag you down. If you find you’ve outgrown your IT department, make the switch to a managed IT solution today.

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