7 Common IT Problems You Might Encounter at the Office

by | Jun 18, 2021 | General Tech, IT Support

If you’ve ever worked in an office using a computer, you’ve perhaps encountered some common IT problems. Thankfully, you can solve the issues by yourself. You don’t have to call for help any time the systems break. Sometimes a simple press of a button could solve all your problems. 

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What are some all too common IT problems that you might have to deal with?

Small businesses that use less advanced IT systems experience simple IT issues that are easy to solve. If you rely on such a setup, then it means you can take care of your problems just as simply. Here is how you can solve some of those problems. 

  1. Computer Running Slow
  2. Unable to Login
  3. Blue Screen of Death 
  4. Random Shutdowns
  5. Virus Attack 
  6. Slow Internet 
  7. Accidentally Deleted Files

1) Computer Running Slow

When your computer is slow, you can start by shutting it down. Consider performing data backup and updating first before restarting your computer as well. That will help you protect your data should anything go wrong.

2) Unable to Login

When you find that you cannot log in on your computer, it could be that your credentials changed. Try getting tech support from the respective service providers. If that’s not the case, check to ensure that the caps lock button is off when logging in.

3) Blue Screen of Death 

This is a common computer problem you can take care of by rebooting your system. To reboot, hold down the power button for about 5 seconds after updating. When you switch on the computer, the issue will most likely get resolved.

4) Random Shutdowns

Random shutdowns often occur due to overheating. You can take care of the problem by cleaning the fan in your machine since it tends to get clogged with dust. You can also update the computer’s operating system to keep up with the growing technology.

5) Virus Attack

Always avoid clicking on suspicious emails. If you can’t help it, having an updated firewall in your machine can help detect malware before it prevails in your system. You can also invest in trusted antivirus software programs, like Kaspersky. Your office can also get managed security services for advanced security from cyber attacks. 

6) Slow Internet

Weak internet connection is sometimes associated with spyware or viruses, which result in slow performance. Firewalls and antiviruses can take care of that. But if the firewalls fail, try closing unnecessary tabs to save up on bandwidth.

7) Accidentally Deleted Files

When you delete files accidentally, try not to panic. All you should do is check the recycle bin for files. If you can’t find your deleted files there, tech support can try and get them from your drive.

Handling Common IT Problems at Your Office 

Common IT problems, although minor at times, can be detrimental to your work. Take care of the issues as soon as they arise to prevent a data breach or similar issues. If you find it tricky to manage them yourself, consider hiring a professional IT expert to help you.

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