5 Pressing Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

by | Jun 16, 2017 | General Tech, Tech Tips

The world has gone mobile. Consumers like having their favorite shopping sources at their fingertips. Your target market is looking for your products and services online and very likely using a mobile device. Missing this wave could be extremely costly to you.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Mobile App

Consumers want convenience and an easy, intuitive user experience. They want to be able to do their shopping while eating breakfast, standing in line, or on the go. Are you equipped with sufficient business technology services to handle this shift? Consider the following 5 reasons a mobile app is your solution.

1) In-pocket Marketing

Marketing has grown more and more challenging in a world where the consumer can choose what they view and when. A mobile app, however, will allow you to send notifications to your customers about sales, promotions, new products and services, pricing, company news and more.

2) Build Brand Recognition

When customers search the app store for your products and services, seeing your app builds brand awareness every time. You can also include a share feature so your happy customers can easily share the app with their friends and family. This takes word-of-mouth marketing to another level. Make sure you have a flashy, catchy icon and that your app is properly optimized for the app store.

3) Give Your Customers Value

You can’t get much more convenient than being on a mobile device. Your customers can find information about your products and services, locations, contact info and more right at their fingertips. Integrate your loyalty program with your mobile app. Give loyal customers discounts and early access to sales and promotions. The more they can easily and effectively do right from your mobile app, the better value they’ll feel doing business with you.

4) Boost Customer Loyalty

There is a flood of new ads, messages, and articles filling all the social media channels, email inboxes, and even text inboxes. The average consumer is inundated with new information, new products, and new ideas. Consumers look for companies who take a sincere interest in being connected. They like having a more or less direct connection with you via their mobile device of choice. Every time you add value to their experience via your mobile app, you boost their loyalty.

5) Acquire Business Insights

Gain invaluable insights into your products, services, and customer behavior through the data your mobile app will collect. Then use this insight to make better decisions about future products, pricing, locations and more. You can understand how to meet your customer’s needs in better ways and develop new products or enhance existing products. You can gain insight into your most profitable products, regions, and demographics. With this insight, you can drive future innovations and improve sales.

Where’s Your App?

In a mobile world, consumers want convenience and an easy, intuitive shopping experience. They’re searching for you using their mobile devices, and they’re searching the mobile app stores. Don’t pass up this tremendous opportunity to connect with your clients, build your brand, and boost customer loyalty. Consider investing in a mobile app for your business today.

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