Preventing Phishing Attacks with Managed IT Services

Phishing attacks have risen recently as many businesses store sensitive data online. Studies show that three billion phishing emails get sent daily. One of the best ways of preventing phishing attacks is by investing in managed IT services, and you’ll see how.

Phishing occurs when someone pretends to be the person or company you trust and ask you for sensitive information. For example, they can send emails with suspicious links. Besides, they can ask you to reply with some information.

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How to Spot Phishing Attacks

Cyberattackers are devising sophisticated strategies for phishing attacks. However, some signs can help you detect phishing attacks, including the following.

  • Sense of Urgency: If the email reads that you must act promptly, it could be a red flag. Legit businesses and government agencies don’t force you to rush.
  • Check for inconsistencies: Phishing emails mimic the companies or agencies they impersonate. However, they don’t do it perfectly.
  • Look for Spelling Errors: Most people who send phishing emails make many grammatical mistakes because they don’t have editing staff.
  • Poorly Designed Graphics: Most cybercriminals will grab logos from websites and paste them into emails. In most cases, the logo’s quality is low.
  • Unethical Addressing: If the email addresses you as “Dear Customer,” it could signify a phishing attack. A legit company should use your first name.

Different Types of Phishing Attacks

Many companies, customers, and the general population have become victims of various types of phishing attacks, including:

  • Company Impersonating: Here, the cyber attacker impersonates your brand by sending a phishing email that resembles an official one. It’s difficult to note.
  • Phone Phishing: The phisher uses the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to impersonate your business. They may use the personal details of their targets.
  • “Spear” Phishing: The phisher might email you your crucial details to win your trust and confidence. They can get them from Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.
  • Email Takeovers: In this case, the phisher gets your email sign-in details and takes over your account. They can use your email to obtain sensitive information from your colleagues, coworkers, or customers.

How Managed IT Services Can Help

Now that you know the different types of phishing attacks and how to spot them, you need to mitigate the risk of becoming a victim. You can let a third-party firm handle your IT needs with managed IT services. Thankfully, Enstep offers managed IT services for you to get more out of your business investment.

Protect Your Business Assets from Phishing

Preventing phishing attacks can protect your business from possible losses. Consider investing in anti-phishing security software with extra layers of protection. Your personal data or sensitive information will remain protected throughout your operation.

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