Natural Disaster Recovery Plans for Small Businesses

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Disaster Recovery

A natural disaster recovery plan is an indispensable tool for small businesses that want to be successful. Fire outbreaks, storms, burglaries, cyber-attacks, data breaches, and natural disasters can be very disastrous for unprepared small companies. Such occurrences can render your small business inoperable if you lack a recovery plan.

While some small businesses have a well-defined natural disaster recovery plan for the worst scenarios, a significant number don’t. Notably, many small companies can never survive major disruptions like data breaches. And without a backup plan, a significant calamity can force your business to close its doors for good.

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What if You Don’t Prepare?

The impact of not having a well-established disaster recovery plan can be catastrophic. A disaster recovery plan is a structured, documented approach with instructions to respond to unforeseen incidents. It has precautions that can help minimize the effects of a business disaster.

Since no one plans for cyber-attacks and natural disasters, small business owners need to stay prepared. It’s the only way to avert the impact of disasters and ensure that your business operations will continue without any significant disruption. If you don’t prepare, the chances are high that you won’t recover in the case of a disaster.

How to Protect Data Ahead of Time

In 2021, business data is everything, and losing your customers’ sensitive information can bring your operations to a standstill. Here are the three practical steps to protect your business data from breaches:

  • Identify the risks, starting with the data storage location and availability of copies
  • Establish your backup site in another geographical location for further protection
  • Invest in professional disaster recovery to mitigate the data loss risks  

Be Ready for Different Disaster Scenarios

As you strive to develop a data recovery plan for unforeseen disasters, you should prepare for a variety of possible situations. It will help you come up with a functional roadmap to keep your small business operations running. While most data loss cases are human-made, natural disasters or other severe weather events could also cause data losses and downtime. Include the following potential calamities in your plan:

  • Virus or ransomware attack
  • Data breach (whether by accident or through an attack)
  • Natural disasters: hurricanes, fires, etc.
  • Theft or destruction of physical computer equipment
  • Loss of virtually stored data
  • Long-term power outage

Keep Your Data Safe

Creating a natural disaster recovery plan before any disaster strikes can prevent a massive risk of losing sensitive data. Without proactive measures to mitigate the risks, your business is on the verge of failing to recover. It will prolong downtime and can even result in data losses. Protect yourself and your clients ahead of time with a plan you can trust.

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