How a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan Drives Business Continuity

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Disaster Recovery

Bad news sometimes blows in with the wind. A major storm can cause power outages and even flooding which have dire consequences for any small or medium-size business. Computer systems may not be adequately protected from a disaster, and the result can be a disruption of business continuity. In our highly competitive marketplace, this is more than a catastrophe. It could end up with that same company losing clients and customers. A disaster recovery plan protects the systems from calamity. It is not just a good idea. It is a means of survival in worst-case scenarios.

Disasters are not just the product of Mother Nature. Flooding caused by a plumbing problem or a massive power outage brought on by generator malfunction can be inside catastrophes. The data that a company relies upon might not be destroyed. However, access to information may be severely delayed. A break in business activity can be a severe blow to finances. Customers expect service without interruption and are not interested in excuses. Disaster recovery planning makes certain the continuity is not harmed.

Essential Steps to Consider

The plan must look at the degree of criticality for the data. The following measures should be part of any plan of action:

  1. Access to Data. This would include backup strategies for storage. A primary backup system includes Cloud technology. Being able to process data in good order is also something that has to be contemplated.
  2. Transactions. Any company that has to rely on numerous electronic transactions needs to be able to recover quickly from any emergency. The disaster recovery plan will have to allow for the computer systems to quickly switch to the alternative sources.
  3. Responding to Different Scenarios. Emergencies can come from various sources, including simple human error. The response has to consider various alternative crisis modes, and how to deal effectively with each one.

Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan Is Not Easy

Establishing an IT disaster recovery plan can be relatively complex. Entrepreneurs should not be deceived into thinking that all which is necessary is access to a Cloud platform. A hammer blow to the IT system can come from anywhere and at any time. Designing what is exactly right for a given company is a situation where an experienced third-party has to be called in.

Houston has experienced major storms and flooding emergencies over the years, and Enstep Technology Solutions has dealt with both major and minor disasters. Our ability to establish robust disaster recovery plans are a primary reason why small and medium-size companies in Houston look to us for help. We will take a look at the existing IT systems and help develop a plan of action in case of emergency . This program will be tested to make certain it is what a specific client needs.

Our objective is to make certain that continuity of business dealings with customers and clients are not interrupted. Emergencies are going to happen, and a good plan is going to be able to respond to the crisis effectively. We do not want to see any client lose business because of a sudden power outage, or internal problem that got out of hand. Contact Us to learn more about how disaster recovery plan will protect you.

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