A Guide to Business Recovery & Backup Plans

For many businesses, the future is still uncertain. Some don’t know if they’ll have to stay in remote working mode for the foreseeable future, while others worry that they may have to close their doors entirely for the time being. Regardless of which camp your business falls into, remember one thing absolutely crucial to your eventual recovery: a backup plan.

To get your business back on its feet, you need to be able to recover all your old, important data and files from previous work. A reliable recovery plan and backup system can go a long way toward preparing your business for an uncertain future. Let’s take a closer look at what this system might look like for you.

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A Business Recovery Plan

A business recovery plan is your strategy for getting back on your feet following a crisis. Meanwhile, a business continuity plan allows you to keep conducting business as much as possible during or immediately following the crisis. Both plans must include the following:

  • Which employees must begin work immediately
  • Where your employees will work (remotely? In the office? In a temporary office?)
  • Your business location, whether you can return to your normal spot or set up camp elsewhere temporarily
  • Essential vs. nonessential office equipment
  • Insurance information and planning
  • Access to company data

Setting Up a Backup System

Without a reliable backup system for data and files, the majority of your business information could be lost. Prepare for this worst-case scenario with a trustworthy backup system. Cloud-based storage is especially useful for this since it eliminates the need to maintain a lot of physical equipment for data storage.

Pro Tip: Set up a schedule to back up your business files daily, weekly, or however often you need.

Ongoing Uses for Cloud-Based Storage

Of course, cloud storage has applications beyond sharing files in a disaster scenario. Remote employees will appreciate the ease and security of sharing information with each other. And of course, you don’t have to worry about maintaining expensive hard drives or storage computers when everything is stored online. Talk to your tech consultants about setting up cloud storage for long-term usage even after recovery.

Be Ready for the Future

Unfortunately, no one can predict what’s going to happen next. However, we can be ready for anything with a reliable backup plan and a secure storage method for crucial data. Prepare your business for an uncertain future with a well-thought-out plan and method of executing your plan.

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