5 Common Cybersecurity Gaps That Can Affect Your Business

New cyber threats emerge daily, creating more cybersecurity gaps that negatively affect your business performance. Studies reveal that over 155.8 million records get exposed in the United States annually due to security gaps and data breaches in businesses.

What are some cybersecurity gaps to be aware of?

Most cyber attackers target businesses with poor security systems to steal their sensitive data. You need to be aware of all the cybersecurity gaps. It will help you develop comprehensive solutions to protect your business against cyber attacks.

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  1. Inconsistent Security Enforcement
  2. Weak Mobile Security
  3. Lack of User Awareness Training
  4. No Business Continuity Strategy 
  5. Managing IT Assets

1) Inconsistent Security Enforcement

Many changes happen in an IT environment every day, such as software updates and the integration of new devices. These changes require some cybersecurity, calling for consistent security enforcement. Failure to update the security systems creates a gap.

2) Weak Mobile Security

Remote work is becoming a new norm in the business world, and many employees can work on their mobile devices when away from the office. So, your business must extend its cybersecurity strategies beyond the office. This will strengthen your mobile security.

3) Lack of User Awareness Training

A cyberattack can occur when your staff members don’t know the loopholes for possible attacks. When installing new machines to your network system or IT infrastructure, you must train users on cybersecurity matters. It mitigates the risk of exposure to threats.

4) No Business Continuity Strategy 

A poor business continuity strategy can cause downtime, resulting in revenue losses. Potential clients will also lose confidence and trust in your business. Consider updating your business continuity plan yearly and train your staff on the continuity strategies.

5) Managing IT Assets

IT assets include servers, printers, workstations, and mobile devices. Poor management of these assets can create cybersecurity gaps that hackers can use to infiltrate your IT systems. Consider monitoring the assets frequently to eliminate any security mishaps.

Prevent Cybersecurity Threats with Managed Security Services

To create a secure IT environment, you need to perform a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure to identify existing cybersecurity gaps. You can outsource managed security services at Enstep to enhance your IT security systems.

Contact us today for reliable and affordable cybersecurity solutions for your business.

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