4 Business IT Disaster Recovery Tips

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Disaster Recovery

Investing in business IT disaster recovery is a reliable strategy to keep your business running when your data systems get compromised. If you rely on information technology to process information, you must protect the servers that store your sensitive data. But what happens if your IT system stops working? You’ll need a disaster recovery plan.

How can you prepare your business IT for emergencies?

A disaster recovery plan is a document that details the procedure to recover from any form of data loss or breach to ensure continuity. So, you should build an IT disaster recovery plan alongside the business continuity plan. That way, you’ll have robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your IT System.

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  1. Know the 3-2-1 Rule
  2. Consider Essential Metrics
  3. Utilize Backup Encryption 
  4. Have a Disaster Response Team

1) Know the 3-2-1 Rule

The 3-2-1 data backup rule is an integral part of the DR Plan as it ensures you always have a copy of data available for retrieval from recovery points. Here is how it works.

  • Three (3) copies of data files, applications, and operating system
  • Two (2) types of storage media for backups
  • One (1) offsite location to store backed-up resources

The recommended two media storage solutions for backups include one cloud-hosted backup platform and another on-site backup appliance. The emergency backups must be automatic, regular, and verified at every stage of your backup process.

2) Consider Essential Metrics

Your IT provider should help you understand the metrics of your recovery process and business continuity planning. The metrics you should ask about are:

  • Recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Time of transition from the failing “Live” system to your recovery solution

Discussing the metrics with your IT provider will help you examine the costs and benefits of the solutions. In that case, a business impact analysis is essential.


3) Utilize Backup Encryption 

Encrypting your data backups is vital in securing the information in your application and files from cyber attackers. However, while your IT team can retrieve and use the encrypted data, the data is useless to cybercriminals, as they cannot access the data. 

4) Have a Disaster Response Team

Various disasters can affect your IT systems, such as power outages. Having a disaster response team is a critical business strategy that can help your business survive any natural disaster. The team can determine the extent to invoke your continuity plans and recovery strategies to keep your business running. Also, they’ll be testing your disaster recovery plans.

Your Business IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Businesses that manage large volumes of electronic data or information need to invest in business IT disaster recovery to ensure continuity in case of a disaster. Prioritize the data crucial for your business’s survival and continuation when your IT systems get compromised. Thankfully, Enstep can help you develop a reliable recovery strategy.

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