5 Ways You Already (or Should!) use Cloud Technology in Your Small Business

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Cloud Services

Technology is exciting, but it also can feel overwhelming. The last ten years has shown enormous strides in business technology services. Many small business executives believe this is not for them. Innovations like Cloud technology, so the reasoning goes, is meant for the large corporations but not for the little guy. That is certainly not true. Cloud has advantages for everyone and that includes a small enterprise.

Small Business in the Cloud

Manufacturing no longer predominates the American economy. We have become very much an information-driven marketplace, where information can decide whether or not a company is successful. Access to information is incredibly important. Cloud offers the ability to store and access essential data.

Here are 5 ways that you may already (or should!) be using Cloud Technology in Your Small Business:

Maximizing Team Productivity

Work teams are major parts of any business. A small company wants to be able to utilize fully scarce human resources, but this is difficult if all members are not physically in the same room. Cloud allows team members to access information wherever they may be, and whatever mobile device a person is using. File sharing becomes much easier to do thanks to Cloud. A project proposal or primary document can thus be worked on by individual team members at any time. Additionally, activity assigned to team members can be better monitored by management.

Farming Out Functions.

The Cloud has some service providers who offer human resources, accounting, and marketing expertise among other duties. A small business can make use of a third party for various business activities, allowing the staff to concentrate more closely on the core business.

Storing Marketing Files

Modern day marketing makes great use of video, audio, and imagery files to bring the message forward to the public. These files can take up the lion’s share of space in any computer hardware. One of the best features of cloud based services is the enormous potential for data storage. A small business can easily move its marketing files to Cloud, freeing up scarce space on the hard drive for other use.

Creating Secure Backup with Cloud Technology.

Computer hackers are not the only problem when it comes to secure storage of data. It always is important to backup information, but a major storm can cause a severe malfunction. Moreover, a system breakdown can result in costly delays. The Cloud permits the storage of data that is immune from any hurricane. The security is also much better than what can be derived from a traditional network.

Cutting Cost

Hardware computer hardware is not cheap at all. What is even worse is the need to upgrade continually the existing equipment to allow for more storage. Cloud permits a small business to do away with a lot of the computer hardware expenses, relying on access to the Cloud instead. What is great about Cloud technology is it is scalable. Your use of the Cloud can grow as your business does without incurring noticeable expenses.

Business services technology has dramatically leveled the playing field. Small business can use innovations to compete more aggressively in the marketplace. Cloud allows for a better use of resources and holds the promise of even greater productivity. Any small business executive should look very seriously at Cloud technology and all of the benefits it has to offer.

Enstep Technology Solutions works with small companies in Houston, and we help them become more efficient. If you are a decision-maker in your company or have your own business, contact us to learn more about how cloud technology can drastically increase production for your teams. We are more than happy to explain what it is and how it can drive your bottom line.

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