Cloud Security for Accountants

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Cloud Services

Accountants have an important role which requires handling personal financial information daily. This responsibility has many security risks, which is why it’s critical to stay safe.  Cloud security has many advantages. It is convenient and easily accessible but must be secure. Continue reading to find out why cloud security is absolutely necessary for accountants. Click To Tweet

Why Do You Need Cloud Security in Your CPA Firm?

CPA firms are obviously at a higher risk for cyber attacks. It’s mandatory to have cloud security and if any data leaks, you’re responsible by law to inform your clients. This can make for some unhappy customers. Here are three ways that cloud security can protect accountants:

  1. Customer Security
  2. Protect Assets
  3. Prevent Data Leaks

1) Customer Security

A primary need for accounting firms is to let their customers know their data is protected. As cyber attacks rise, your customers will see the headlines. These negative headlines can make anybody nervous. If you inform clients about your cloud technology data storage, and how cloud security protects their financial data, they’ll feel more confident in you as their accountant.

2) Protect Assets

If hackers have access to your accounting software or client data, your CPA firm will immensely suffer. As a professional accounting firm, your number one priority needs to be to protect the client’s assets at all costs.

Pro Tip: Cloud computing includes secure software solutions to protect assets in CPA firms.

3) Prevent Data Leaks

Lastly, cloud security is data security. Since cloud technology is interlinked with social media, it’s necessary to use different passwords and change them frequently. Cloud security will help your firm prevent data leaks at all costs.

Managed Security

Cloud-based security is mandatory for large and small businesses alike. It’s incredibly important for accountants and financial advisors. Your clients’ security must be of the utmost importance to your firm, and your customers should know that.

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