Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

In 2016, we will see a growing amount of small businesses turn to cloud computing as a powerful way to compete with larger competitors. It offers a number of great advantages over storing information locally.

‘The cloud’ refers to a network of servers used to operate applications, deliver services and more. It offers users the benefit of fast and easy access to files and programs.

You most likely access information and use programs from the cloud more often than you realize. Your small business has probably already experienced the convenience of cloud computing with products and services from Google, Skype, Basecamp, Quickbooks Online and more.

Small businesses benefit from cloud computing thanks to its flexibility and cost effectiveness because they now have access to the kind of infrastructure only available to larger companies in the past. Access to additional resources is quick and painless, and businesses can downsize just as easily. Cloud computing simplifies working from home and collaborating with team members, and software and computing costs reduce.

Different types of cloud computing:

  • Public cloud- The most common and easy to use. It’s flexible but has some downfalls such as unreliability and reduced security.
  • Private cloud- Offers businesses the ability to maintain private storage and networking components without losing the convenience and flexibility. Private clouds are organization-specific and offer more control, security and reliability.
  • Hybrid clouds- Allows businesses to pick and choose which elements are stored on public and private clouds. For example, one option is to host sensitive material on the private cloud, and non-sensitive material on the public cloud.

Enstep is here to help your business make the most of the cloud. We provide organizations with virtual servers, remote desktops and licensing on a monthly basis. Our services enable you and your team members to work from the cloud and enjoy increased productivity without the cost and hassle of managing a server in-house. Read more about Enstep’s Cloud Based Services and Hybrid Cloud Services and contact us for a free consultation. Let’s go over the most beneficial services for your small business.