3 Important Cloud Computing Myths to Know

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Cloud Services

Distinguishing cloud computing myths and facts can be challenging if you are new to the technological field. Most people have not understood how cloud computing works even though its usage is on the rise. Therefore, some business owners think that it is not safe based on a series of cloud data breaches that have happened in the past.

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What are some common cloud computing myths to know?

Cloud services are common and widely used, yet it is unclear to most consumers. No wonder there are many security concerns and financial questions, which have created myths about cloud computing. Let us discuss these three myths to prove that cloud adoption is the best for long-term information storage.

  1. You Have No Say in Where Data is Stored
  2. Cloud Users Have the Ability to Spy
  3. The Cloud is Too Easy to Attack 

1) You Have No Say in Where Data is Stored

The myth is that business owners lose control over their premises’ data when moving to the cloud platform, ownership changes, and your information is shared worldwide. Fortunately, the truth is that cloud-based ensures that the content is in your possession.

With a cloud solution, you can access and use the items as you want. In addition, you can control where your information travels and stays since the cloud services providers are very transparent on where to locate your data.

2) Cloud Users Have the Ability to Spy

This is one of the cloud computing myths. However, cloud services have proven to be the best in terms of data security. With the cloud, you get an expert team dedicated to protecting your data and preventing any possible spy by cloud users.

Additionally, you have the cloud security of recovery services and backup. Research shows that the primary source of data leaks is human error, a signal that companies need to improve sharing protocols of internal data.


3) The Cloud is Too Easy to Attack

Cloud computing has shared resources, and business owners fear that other users can steal their data. However, the truth is that even though the virtual machines possess similar servers, they are isolated from each other.

If you do not share data with a spy, no one can attack and steal your information. Hence you don’t have to be anxious about becoming a cybercrime victim. Moreover, the public cloud stores data in different places, and you can retrieve your files in case of anything.

Tech Experts: Debunking Cloud Computing Myths 

Debunking these cloud computing myths is essential for companies to maximize the benefits offered by the cloud successfully. Additionally, as technology experts plan on cloud strategy, understanding myths and realities will give you a realistic expectation of cloud migration. Then, all you have to do is hire a reliable cloud services provider.

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