Will Your SMB Survive in the Digital Economy?

by | May 15, 2017 | Business Technology

Technology continues to change the world at a fast pace that only gets faster. Businesses that are quick to adapt to regular change have the best chance for survival and growth. The digital economy isn’t speculation, it’s the future and it’s here already. How will your business survive?

Business in the Digital Economy

The digital revolution is changing the way you conduct business at a fundamental level. Companies that refuse to embrace it are being left behind. It’s important to understand the dynamics of the new economy so you can position yourself for success. Consider the following key elements.

Innovative Approaches

Consumers are looking for simple and seamlessly personalized experiences. Customer service is instant and comprehensive. Social marketing is the new advertising. Products and services must be live and on-demand. Your business needs innovative approaches to respond to these demands and remain competitive.  

Relevant Content

Consumers are bombarded by an endless stream of information, much of which they can’t relate to. If it isn’t entertaining, interesting, or useful, they’ll ignore it. Instead of adding to the stream of irrelevant content, businesses need to know their target audience and deliver the content they want. You need to create content that adds value to the consumers you want as clients. This is the content they will share and each time they do, their loyalty grows.    

Solid IT Infrastructure

With the core of this new economy being online and utilizing many different technologies, you need a solid IT infrastructure. You need equipment that’s current and adequate for your business operations. Your network needs to be secure. You also need to know the IT issues and bugs that arise aren’t going to cause considerable delays and interruptions to your daily operations. Managed IT services and business technology services are a must in this new economy.

A Culture of Collaboration

The Internet of Things has introduced new possibilities for collaboration between devices, digital networks, and ecosystems. Your business not only needs to encourage and facilitate collaboration among your team members, but also to partner with providers of complementary products and services. This may sometimes include competitors. Individual companies often spanning various industries have to ensure their products and services work with with each other. This interconnectivity of everything necessitates a culture of collaboration.

Business Agility

Your business plan, people, and products need to be able to change and shift and respond to the changing environment around you. Tried and true methodology may no longer work. You need to stay on your toes ready to change or get knocked off your feet. Keeping current and responsive to the rate of change around you will require a level of business agility you may never have imagined. The speed of business is faster than it ever has been with no signs of letting up.

Position Yourself Beyond Survival

It’s hard to keep up with the latest smartphones, much less what’s new in business tech. Yet, it’s crucial to your company’s future that you embrace the new digital economy. Position your business to take advantage of new tech and continue growing. Don’t become a part of pre-digital history.

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