5 Traditional Industries Now Embracing New Technology

Technology has changed the world. It’s still changing the world. It’s made our lives faster, easier, and better in many ways. It has altered the landscape of the business world as well. While some industries have embraced new technology faster than others, it’s important in every industry.

Embracing New Technology

Change is sometimes scary. For some industries, it’s also often complicated. However, when new technology has the potential to increase your bottom line significantly, change is well worth it. Working with a firm that provides IT consulting or managed IT services can make the transition of adopting new technology smoother and easier.  Consider these 5 industries currently adopting new technology:

1) Retail

With the spreading popularity of online shopping, retail stores are embracing new technology to enhance customer experience. Touchscreen inventory, enhanced store layout, and heatmap technology are some of the ways retail is using technology. Touchscreen kiosks allow customers to browse inventory and make orders.

Retailers are using new technology to design store layout to make it easier for customers to find the products they want. They’re using heatmap technology to analyze where in the store customers are spending the most time. This helps inform product placement decisions to increase sales.

2) Restaurants

Everyone loves to dine out. There’s a release and freedom in not having to prepare a meal and especially not having to clean up. We love good food. We love good service. Even still, it’s important for restaurants to keep up with trends in technology.

From innovative budgeting and restaurant management applications, payment kiosks at the table, and interactive games. It’s all about making restaurant management easier and more efficient and enhancing customer experience.  

3) Financial Services

The financial services industry is beginning to incorporate new technology in their customer experience as well. E-signatures, cloud technology, and picture check deposits are a few examples. It may seem they’ve been slow to embrace applications of new technology, but it’s not without reason.

Privacy and security concerns and the regulations that govern them has delayed the process. However, the future of financial services is changing and technology is becoming a central element.  

4) Manufacturing

Affordable, manufacturing-tailored business software is now available for even small companies. In the past, technology solutions targeted large companies, but that isn’t the case anymore. Small manufacturers have access to software with similar functionality but at a much more doable price point.

There are also innovative technology solutions for workers out on the floor. Digital inventory technology makes keeping inventory easier and other innovative tools make work more efficient and safer. Finally, cloud technology and mobile devices make it easy to manage your business from anywhere.

5) Construction

Portable technology such as tablets and smartphones are making construction management easier. You can install applications for making estimates, bidding, and tracking hours and expenses. You can also create your employee shift schedules.

More complex construction technology such as 3D modeling software is also available but requires specialized skills. Construction managers are leaning on technology to streamline the management process and make better use of their time.

Tech Makes Business Easier

Investing in new business technology may seem scary or expensive. When it’s the right technology, however, embracing new technology will save you money and increase your bottom line. Technology continues to change the way we live life, entertain ourselves and do business. How could it change your business? Don’t miss an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. For more information on business technology or to schedule an assessment of your technology needs, Contact Us.