Technology for Business: Why DIY May Not Be the Best Approach

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Business Technology

Tis the season of the DIY. A casual glance at your favorite social media feed yields unending ideas, tips, and strategies on how you can do it all yourself. Some are great. Some are okay. Some, well, not so much. For the small and mid-size business owner, a DIY approach often seems appealing for many things. You’re always looking for ways to cut cost and improve efficiencies. While this proves beneficial in many instances, your business technology may not be the best place for a DIY approach. Here’s why.

Business Technology: Things to Consider

The world of business technology is a complex system of innovations and advancements aimed at making our business processes simple. The more efficient and easy-to-manage we make each individual piece, the smoother the system and the better the bottom line. Consider the following reasons why you shouldn’t do it yourself.

Technology is complex and always changing. From Hardware to software, devices, and gadgets, the pieces are many. While all of these can be purchased and used separately, it requires a certain level of tech-savvy and time you may not have to keep them all up-to-date and working in sync together as a cohesive whole. A system that is pieced together with little to no consideration for how all parts function best with each other and the system as a whole ends up being more difficult to maintain, less efficient, and likely more expensive. A “set it and forget it” approach simply is not possible. Not even a “set it and check it from time to time” approach is sufficient. Nothing less than constant attention and maintenance will suffice.

The security of your data is at stake. The ever-improving nature of technology means your cybersecurity is constantly at risk if you’re not on top of it. Your data and systems always need to be safeguarded against hackers, cyber spies, and cyber criminals, but you also need to be ever-mindful  of regulatory compliance. Your employees’, clients’ and your own privacy must be protected from criminals, laziness, and mistakes. Because you are running your business, you probably don’t have enough time and perhaps the technical ability to adequately maintain your security at the highest level.

Managed IT Services Save You Time and Money. Imagine if you could save all of your employees just 5 minutes a day by improving system efficiencies through technology. Just 5 minutes could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Working with the right managed IT service provider will keep your systems up-to-date and working smoothly together. When you streamline all your business technology, it not only ensure it is always working at optimal performance and efficiency, but it also frees your time to work on what you do best. Your business. Managed IT services will also keep you constantly in compliance and protected against cyberattacks.

Don’t DIY Your Business IT

The bottom line is DIY and technology for business do not play well together. Keep your systems and technology up to date and at optimal performance. Protect your business data, employees, clients, and yourself. Consider using managed IT or on demand IT services, so you can focus on your business and not worry about the technology that supports it.

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