Starting a New Business? Learn the IT Basics!

Businesses must rely on information technology (IT) if they want to be successful. Information technology provides you the opportunity to analyze specific data and plan your business accordingly. Research from the past 20 years proves that organizations that invest in IT increase their market share, financial figures, and overall competitiveness.

Seven IT Basics

Starting a new company is daunting. These seven IT basics will help you understand what is needed to get started and be successful.

1) Hardware

Each employee will need hardware. This might include personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Don’t forget accessories like mouses, keyboards, and monitors. Printers are another necessity. It’s important to consider which type works best for your company. Take a look at all-in-one printers, which combine printing, scanning, and photocopying in one unit.

2) Software

Your new system will require software. Many computers come with Microsoft Windows as the pre-installed operating system, but do your research–there might be a better fitting system available for your company. An office suite allows employees to work on common business files, such as spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations. Email software is also imperative for a new business. Make sure to use a reliable email company to send and receive emails.

3) Network Connectivity

Networks connect computers and devices, allowing data to be shared easily. Depending on the number of employees, you can decide whether a simple network is needed, or a more complex one. Wireless networks are becoming very popular and can be convenient, but they are not always reliable.

4) Online Access

To run computers and devices, online access is a must. Find the type of internet connection that suits your business. There are fiber optic, DSL, and other options available. Your choice for internet service depends on the number of people connected, and the applications used. A broadband package works well. They are designed for businesses and offer faster speeds and reliable service.

5) Cloud Computing

Over the past couple years, cloud computing services have begun replacing traditional software. Cloud services are more flexible because they can be accessed from any computer or device. Cloud services might end up costing a yearly fee, but most of them include maintenance and support. Cloud services are a good way to ensure data is stored safely.

6) IT Security

The information stored on your IT system is valuable and needs to be secure. There are chances you could lose data through malicious attacks, hacking or even hardware failure. It is imperative your company design your network with security in mind. Use firewalls to protect your system from online attacks, require users to create strong passwords, run security software on every device, and make sure to create a backup system. Store one backup off-site, as well as a second cloud backup.

7) IT Management

It may be wise to hire an IT Management company to help manage your services. An experienced IT firm can install and customize software and hardware, train and support employees, and maintain complex items like servers or security. When you find a quality IT supplier, you can build a lasting relationship with them, allowing them to fully grasp your business and deliver the services and support you need.

IT is Essential for Growth

In today’s technological age, information technology is essential to the success of a business. Setting your new business up with these IT basics is the solution to increase productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of business operations and communication. Accurate business planning, marketing, sales, management, monitoring, customer support and long-term business growth depend on an optimum level of information technology. You can’t afford to wait any longer. Start now!

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