Small Business Technology for 2021

The pandemic has hit small businesses hard, and calls to improve small business technology are on the rise. Business owners have had to get creative. Some have implemented entirely new technology, while others simply made already-used systems more widespread. Neither change shows any sign of slowing down as 2021 kicks off.

Some business technology adapted specifically for the pandemic will be less urgent after the health crisis is largely over. However, certain systems designed to make shopping more convenient will likely remain very popular. Let’s take a look at the technology that you as a small business owner should prioritize in 2021.

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As a small business owner, you can’t rely on your customers to be carrying hand sanitizers and protect themselves. Set sanitizer dispensers in entrance points and other strategic places in your shop so that everyone comes in with clean hands. Consider using motion-activated dispensers to further reduce physical contact.

Once the virus is under control, hand sanitizer will likely not be considered as crucial as it is now. But keeping a few to encourage cleanliness is always a good idea.

Occupancy Tracking

Limiting the number of people who enter your shop is one way of controlling the virus’s spread. Stationing a security guard can only do so much, especially on particularly busy days. A far more effective method is using capacity management tools, a setup of sensors and displays that count each customer and alert you when your store reaches capacity. Social distancing is thus handled somewhat automatically.

Contact-Free Payment

While contactless payment methods have been in existence for some time now, not all businesses have fully implemented the strategies. During the pandemic, many businesses encouraged or required customers to use contactless payment methods to reduce the virus’s passing. These methods included paying online ahead of time, using a money transfer app, or simply swiping a credit card. None of these methods are exactly new. However, the pandemic has proven how convenient and safe they truly are. Customers who have grown to like this new system likely won’t want to abandon it.

Staying Competitive in the New Year

When you master small business technology, you set your business in a competitively advantageous position. Your business strategy for 2021 should encompass both customer satisfaction and ongoing technological developments to stay competitive.

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