Keeping Up With Customer Satisfaction in an On-Demand World

The way technology has quickly and drastically changed the world we live in is truly mind-boggling. It’s hard to appreciate it from where we sit today, but there are very few other times in history where so much has changed so quickly. It’s truly amazing. One potentially unintended outcome, however, is customer expectations that are ever-hungry and never satisfied. 

Neverending Customer Satisfaction

The capabilities are out there and your customers know it. Technology has advanced and will continue to advance so quickly we live in a constant state of flux. With it, customer expectations for their experience with you have flown off the chart. Everything is expected on-demand. To keep up, you’ll need business technology services that stay ahead of the curve. Consider the following expectations your customers currently have:

No waiting.

Consumers don’t like to wait for anything. They want to know you value their time and will provide fast, high-quality service consistently. Is your website intuitive, easy to navigate, and helpful? Do you provide a live chat option? How fast do you respond to social media, email, and phone calls? Speed of quality service is critical in obtaining and retaining satisfied customers.

Seamless experience.

With so many different options to interact with your business, customers expect a smooth, seamless experience across all channels. Whether visiting your website, using your mobile app, or visiting a brick & mortar location, consumers want a fast, consistent, and smooth experience.

24/7 availability.

Consumers have grown accustomed to service that never sleeps. Whether your business is actually open, if you offer e-commerce, you’re expected to be available to answer questions whenever they’re shopping your site. This is likely to be all hours of the night and anytime all weekend long.

Online shopping.

Consumers are trending toward shopping online or at least beginning their shopping online. They may end up coming into your store to make the final purchase, but typically they’ve already researched it online. How’s your online offering affecting your sales?

Borderless expectations.

In the pre and early internet world, consumers compared you mainly to your direct competitors. They looked at your products and services in comparison to other viable options in making their purchasing decisions. Today, however, with the way technology has revolutionized the business and retail world, you’re being compared to everyone.

They call their dentist and hear friendly, informative information instead of hold music and wonder why you don’t offer the same. They compare your website to every other website they visit, regardless of product or industry. When they experience excellent, convenient service anywhere, they expect it everywhere.

Ready to Meet the Challenge

Your customers are your lifeline. They keep you in business and ahead of your competition. Managing customer satisfaction is a crucial part of your daily operations. It’s increasingly difficult, however, as technology drives customer expectations off the chart. How’s your business technology holding up to the task?

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