How to Tell if Your IT Setup is Outdated

Technology-focused businesses pride themselves on having the latest and greatest the IT industry has to offer. However, some business owners may not realize just how far behind they really are. This is a particular issue for anyone who inherited a business and its pre-built IT infrastructure from someone else. Even if your system is built on obsolete technology, how can you update everything without crippling your business in the process?

The first step to upgrading outdated technology is identifying the problem. With the constant updates and improvement computers experience now, it’s difficult to pin down exactly what makes an “obsolete” technology setup. Fortunately, a few broad principles can put you on the right path.

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Messy Setups

As technology improves, manufacturers find more and more ways to conceal the mechanics as much as possible for a sleek, modern look. An up-to-date IT system shouldn’t have ugly tangles of cables or modems that take up an entire desk. Modern IT also doesn’t usually require continual upkeep and maintenance. If any of these issues sound familiar, it’s time to upgrade.

Overly Complicated Systems

People often complain about newer computer systems feeling complicated and confusing. However, this is due more to unfamiliarity with a newer system than the new system actually being so tricky. In reality, IT manufacturers try to find ways to streamline system functions as much as possible with each new update. The older a computer setup is, the more likely it is to require roundabout ways to get anything done. A system that requires time-consuming work to perform the most basic of tasks won’t do you much good in a fast-paced world.

Pro Tip: Outdated IT infrastructure does your business no favors and can hold you back. Keep up with your competitors and upgrade your computer system!

Inflexible Options

Modern businesses need to adapt to new circumstances. Whether it’s a sudden requirement to work from home or a natural disaster that knocks out most of the equipment, you should always be ready to change your routine to keep your business running in any situation. Older IT systems likely won’t offer options like cloud computing that give you and your employees the flexibility to work in a variety of circumstances. Don’t get stuck with an outdated system in an emergency! Update to be ready for anything.

Assessing Your IT Needs

Even if it seems to be running smoothly for the moment, outdated technology ultimately does your business no favors. You’ll find yourself being left behind as your competitors keep up with the latest tech trends and you chug along with an old setup. Give your system a thorough inspection and determine how much new technology you need to stay competitive.

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