Google Maps Goes Social

Social media has altered the way we experience life on many fronts. How we make new friends, share photos, and update loved ones about our lives are just a few examples. It has also altered the landscape of how we do business. How you interact with prospects and clients today is radically different than it was 30 years ago. Consider Google’s latest offering and the impact it could have on your business.

Be Social on Google Maps

The latest iteration of Google Maps has introduced a new, indirect approach to social media. Users can save preferred places in several preset lists such as Favorites, or create custom lists to personalize the experience even further. Saved places will show up on the map itself when using the app. Users can also share their lists with family and friends. Once a list is shared, they can follow you to access your list as they need it. As you build a database of favorite places, Google will custom-tailor your Maps experience with a custom view and suggestions. They will also take into account your travel patterns. In short, Google Maps has gone social.

Ideas for Your Business

Google Maps may be an unexpected addition to your business technology, but it could be a new source of ideas for your business. If you do business with other businesses, save their locations in a Clients list that you can easily share with your employees. Create a list of preferred restaurants to take your clients to near their office or yours. Create a helpful list of local restaurants, entertainment venues, and other useful places like grocery stores. If you do a lot of business with people moving in from out of town, share this list with them as a welcome service. These are just a few ideas how Google Maps could be used by businesses. Think about your business and come up with some unique ways it could help you.

Don’t Miss An Opportunity

Social Media has made a significant impact on how we market and do business. Invasive marketing is out. Inbound marketing is in. There is every indication this trend will only continue. Don’t miss an opportunity to enhance your business. Explore ways to use Google Maps. For more information on using technology to enhance your business, Contact Us.