How to Get Started with Small Business Technology

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Business Technology

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses can’t afford to let details slip through the cracks. Efficiency sets small businesses apart from their competitors, and nothing promotes efficiency more effectively than technological practices that save time, money, and organizational headaches. Although getting started with small business technology can seem overwhelming at first, just putting a few key systems in place will get your business well on its way to running smoothly.

Small Business Must-Have Technology


Chances are you’re reading this on your computer, but do you have the one best suited for your business needs? While you don’t need to run out and blow your capital on the most expensive machine, you should consider your small business’s non-negotiables. For example, frequent travel and business meetings will certainly require a laptop over a desktop, just as a graphics-and-video heavy output will call for a high-memory, high-speed machine. In other words, don’t pay for bells and whistles you don’t need, but invest in the best quality you can afford for the features your business needs to run efficiently. Chances are, you’ll be using this machine for the better part of your day.


Where do people go when they begin to research a potential purchase? Where you most likely go: online. A small business simply cannot compete without a website that clearly and cleanly communicates its message. Consider your site your most important marketing tool. You can hire a designer to create a WordPress blog or a custom site or, if you have strong creative-visual skills, use your own DIY website building tool. Whatever the case, make sure your site is easy to read and navigate. An inviting site reflects an efficient business that cares about its customers.

Cloud Backup

Don’t put your business–and all its associated customer data, documents, accounting, and transactions–at risk by storing your information on a hard drive. Today’s business owner has an array of choices for cloud backup solutions that not only keep vital data on the desktop but sync it to mobile devices, such as tablets and phones.

Digital Payment Processing Service

Does your business sell products or services in a physical space? Consider setting up a payment service that can work with customers’ credit cards and smartphones. The use of digital wallet options, especially, is seeing rapid growth. You don’t want to turn away customers or inconvenience them at the moment they are preparing to buy.

Must-Have Technologies Need Must-Have Support

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to hire an on-site IT department or director. That’s why they rely on outside support to keep their technological processes running smoothly. Managed IT services provide regular, ongoing support, while on-demand IT services provide help when needed, relieving your businesses of the stress and financial loss that can result from “down time.”

IT experts allow you, the business owner, along with any staff who work with you, to focus on strategy, marketing, customers, and profit–not software and hardware installation, data security, and tech training. Think of your IT service provider as your tech security guard, doctor, and teacher all in one, on duty 24-7.

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