Why Every Business Must Upgrade to Mobile-Friendly Technology Now

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Business Technology

Life in 2016 is always on-the-go. We surf the internet while waiting in line, walking to our next destination, and while we do just about anything we do. Employers, employees, and consumers alike are surfing the internet as we go about each day. This shift, made possible by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, has had a significant impact on businesses and the technology necessary to remain competitive. Consider the following reasons why upgrading to mobile-friendly technology is critical for your business.

Mobile-Friendly Technology: The Essentials

New technologies and new applications of technology are being developed and improved constantly. Keeping the technology that impacts your business current is not just a good idea, it is a key part of keeping your business ahead of the curve. These three examples are the essentials.

Keep your website mobile-friendly.

People are searching the internet on mobile devices more and more. This includes researching products, comparing prices, and making purchases. Your consumers are looking for you on their phones and tablets and are likely to walk away if your website is not mobile-friendly. The latest upgrades to the Google algorithm also favor mobile-friendly sites.This means they will be more likely to find you when they search if your site is mobile-optimized.

Utilize Cloud-based Services.

The benefits of cloud-based services are numerous, and many are outside the scope of this article. Suffice it to say it can save you significant time, money, and resources. It also makes it easier for your employees who telecommute and you to work and conduct business from anywhere, anytime. Your data and applications can be accessed by authorized individuals wherever they are. All that is needed is internet access and an adequate mobile device.

Replace desktops with laptops and tablets.

This is another essential for conducting business anywhere and everywhere. Laptops and even newer tablets provide employees with ultimate mobility and flexibility. Whether your employees work from home or work out on the road, finding the right mobile device is critical to their success. Keep your team equipped with the latest mobile devices to give your business the best chance to stay ahead of the competition.

Where Are You in a World Gone Mobile?

Rapid technological advancements have made our lives more mobile than ever before and opened up a world of opportunities for businesses. This has made Enstep is a technology business partner and IT service provider for the small to medium business market in the greater Houston area. In business since 2001, Enstep is dedicated to making technology more effective and affordable while you focus on your business goals. Contact Us for more information on mobile-friendly technology and how it could enhance your business operations.

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