Drones and Big Data Security Issues

Drones have altered the world in significant ways over the last several years. They have made so many things much, much easier- from national security issues to getting the perfect commercial video footage to photography and personal uses. One area they are revolutionizing is the collection of Big Data, but not without ramifications for security. Consider the following security issues raised with the collection of Big Data using drones.

3 Security Questions Raised by Drones and Big Data

Big Data refers to the gathering of large volumes of information for the purpose of analysis to gain insights for better decisions and strategic moves. It is used across industries and organizations, from business to agriculture to matters of national security. The use of drones to collect Big Data is currently gaining in both popularity and practice. Here are 3 security issues raised by the use of drones to collect Big Data.

  1. Drones can be hacked. Just like any other computer system, drones can be and are being hacked. This poses serious consequences in some instances, such as military use and border patrol.
  2. Privacy laws are not updated. Technology moves faster than legislation. The parameters of individual privacy with the use of drones have not been fully explored and legally defined yet. What is a reasonable expectation when it comes to personal privacy?
  3. Ownership of personal data is undetermined. If drones are being used to collect information on individuals, who is the owner of this information? This is closely tied to the development of privacy legislation concerning Big Data and the use of drones. Does the individual own the personal information collected by a drone, or is it owned by the entity collecting the information?

Work to Be Done

There is much work to be done to prepare your business for these considerations. Keep your business protected and on the leading edge of business technology. Work with an IT consulting firm that is up to date with all the latest in technology and security. That way you won’t expose your business to unnecessary security risks and issues.

Changing Landscape

Technology is always advancing, always progressing, and always making life a little easier. Sometimes legislation doesn’t move fast enough to protect privacy of individuals and businesses. Such is the case with drones and Big Data. Keep your business protected, secured, and equipped with the latest business technology. Contact Us to learn more about drones and Big Data or for more information on IT consulting services.