Cloud or Hard Drive: What's the Best Backup?

Spoiler alert: You probably need both. That’s right, your best bet for data backup is a combination of cloud and hard drive storage. That’s because they complement each other so well, it would be foolish to use just one backup method. Using a cloud system integrated with a hard drive provides an added layer of protection to your data.

The Best Backup

When choosing the best data backup, hedge your bets. Consider an online and offline solution to protect all your documents, photos and files. Both cloud backup and hard drives each has distinct benefits and drawbacks.
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Cloud Backup Benefits

  • Makes sharing incredibly easy, since you can store documents on the cloud and provide a link to a collaborator
  • Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Data is protected from local threats, such as theft, natural disaster or virus

Hard Drive Pros

  • Access your data without an internet connection
  • External hard drives are measured in terabytes, significantly larger than many cloud solutions
  • Simple to set for auto-backups

Bridging The Gap

Cloud services may seem more expensive because of their subscription-based pricing model, but that price includes advanced file recovery options. In this case, you’re paying for storage, recovery and more, which make cloud storage a better deal in regards to the quality of service you get.

Pro Tip: Don’t let the subscription pricing of cloud services scare you. You’re getting storage and guaranteed recovery – making it a bargain.

In the end, cloud-based solutions are becoming cheaper and more accessible every year. They also take care of additional data concerns like file recovery and remote access. For some businesses, you may find you hardly need a hard drive, but for most, a marriage of the two is the best strategy for storing, accessing and protecting data.

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