Business Technology: 5 Ways Technology is Changing Business

Technology is constantly changing the way we do business. Every business must learn to adapt to remain successful. New technologies give businesses an opportunity to gain an edge over their competition. Consider the following 5 exciting innovations in business technology:

5 Innovations in Business Technology

1) The Economics of Cloud Computing

The economics of cloud computing has expanded beyond the needs of large business to encompass small and medium business as well. Access to resources that would have otherwise been too expensive has leveled the playing field, Cloud-based services are now making it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to remain competitive.

2) Rising Connectivity

Connectivity is no longer an option as mobile devices have become a business necessity. Virtual meetings and remote employees are saving time and increasing productivity. Moving forward, virtual meetings, the Internet of things (IoT), and off-site business technology support will be imperative.

3) Reinforcement Learning AI

AI technologies are hitting their stride as seen with Computer Go and driverless cars. The game changer for AI technologies is the development of AI reinforcement learning. This technology allows AI to not only be programmed but to also learn on its own. It uses algorithms to allow machines to determine ideal behavior within a specific environment.  

4) Self-Service BI Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) uses a myriad of analytics to determine return on investment and develop future business strategies. Progress in AI technologies will allow portions of BI systems to become automated. This will enable analysts to focus on areas of BI that require more experience and context.

5)  Social Media Presence

In marketing, the captive audience of yesteryear is virtually nonexistent. People, in general, only want to see what they choose to see and now they have a choice. This has given rise to the use of inbound marketing, or attracting customers through engaging content and online interactions. Social media is a primary vehicle for distributing quality content and providing client interactions. Find out which social media platforms your target clientele is using and perfect your own inbound marketing campaign.

Keep Your Edge

While the technological evolution continues, businesses who adapt, change, and grow along with technology will have an edge on those who do not. Small and medium-sized businesses will become even more competitive as technology continues to level the playing field. The key to the future is embracing the right business technology as early on as possible.

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