Analyzing Your Current Business IT Support

You may not realize the extent of your reliance on quality business IT support every day. With nearly every part of work reliant on technology now, it’s impossible to function without an excellent IT department or service. Consequently, from time to time, every business owner should examine the support their IT service provider is actually giving them. Can you rely on your technology experts to help you out and keep your hardware running correctly?

With such a high demand for business IT support, the market is flooded with a variety of providers that advertise everything from low prices to highly variant services. But as any business owner knows, not all service providers can actually deliver on their promises. If you think you might have hired a subpar service provider, it’s time to run an audit of their services and your business results. The three main points to consider in your analysis are communication, priorities, and big-picture strategies.

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How easy is it to get in touch with a real person through your IT provider? If you find yourself sitting on hold for long periods of time, navigating your way through confusing automated phone networks, or waiting days for an email to be answered, your current provider clearly doesn’t prioritize communication with you. While these delays can be annoying on their own, they become emergencies if your office experiences an outage that brings the day’s work to a stop. Choose a company that will respond to your requests promptly.

Prioritization of Work

Any IT provider will continually field requests for work, whether for minor inconveniences or major emergencies. But any IT provider worth its salt also knows how to prioritize the multitude of requests. For instance, updating to a new form of editing software can wait until after a virus-ridden computer has been cleaned. Does your current provider know how to determine which projects are more important and prioritize accordingly?

Big-Picture Strategies

You don’t need to share all the intimate details of your business’s big-picture strategy with anyone outside. However, your IT provider should understand your goals enough to provide assistance as they’re able to. If you notice that your current service provider appears to be focusing more on general troubleshooting and short-term deadlines just to keep you satisfied, they probably don’t have your long-term best interests in mind.

Pro Tip: How much of your big-picture business strategy are you willing to share? Your answer will influence the amount of help your IT provider can offer you.

Does Your Current Provider Measure Up?

If your current business IT support excels in these three categories, congratulations! But if not, why wait any longer to find a service that does? You and your business deserve the best for your long-term success. Get in touch with a service provider that works for you to make your business thrive!

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