7 Reasons You Should Invest in Dual Monitors for Your Employees

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Business Technology

Are you looking for a way to help your employees become more productive and efficient? We know that employee productivity directly affects the bottom line, so this is an investment worth making. In 2016, the vast array of technology at our fingertips makes this an easily attainable goal, but you have to know where to invest your dollars. While you browse online and work your way through article after article on what’s new and trending in business technology today, it is easy to overlook small changes that can make a big impact. One of the simplest ways to increase employee productivity in an office is by implementing dual monitors for those who work a lot of hours on computer projects.

A dual monitor setup simply adds an additional monitor to your employee’s computer setup. This additional monitor may cost you a couple hundred dollars per employee, but the investment is worth it. A dual monitor setup will deliver enormous advantages to your company. You can even use triple-monitor setups (or higher) using the same technology, but most companies will reap the benefits with just 2 screens per employee.

The advantages of this setup are endless and vary from industry to industry, but here are 7 common reasons you should consider this investment:

Common Benefits of Using Dual Monitors

Use Programs Simultaneously

With two monitors, each of your employees can run and use two applications (such as email and a web browser) at the same time without having to switch windows, doubling the available workspace. Your employees can even use this setup to drag and drop data from one application to the other.

Reference Critical Information

Sharing data between applications is one of the top reasons many companies use dual monitor systems, especially for processing critical customer information or regulatory compliance. With 2 monitors, you can put the critical information on one screen as a reference while you use the other for actual work. You can use dual monitor systems this way to enhance employee training sessions. You can run instructional videos on the secondary screen while the primary screen runs the training program.

Simple to Use

Your employees already know how to use dual monitors even if they never used multiple monitors before. All computers systems and monitors come pre-built with dual monitor setups in mind. Your IT staff will have to do the initial configuration, but just using them is easy. Everything you need is located in the same controls you use to configure single monitor setups. Moving from one monitor to the other is also automatic. You just have to drag program windows to the desired monitor to move them. Most applications will even remember your desired monitor location the next time you open them.

Increased Collaboration and Communication

You can do a lot with the extra workspace the second monitor gives you. That second open application is up to each employee’s preference. They can use it for such things as social media, collaboration, and other communication tools. Some communication tools such as Skype will even let you choose which screen to share. That means your employees can use collaboration software to work together on one project will using the other for video chats with customers and other employees.

Dual Monitors Work Well with Laptops and Mobile Devices

The mobile workforce is here to stay. Your employees may already use mobile devices in their work. Dual monitor technology gives all your mobile devices and laptops a second, larger monitor for in-office tasks. All your employees need is a “docking station” to take advantage of this. Thus, your company can save money by giving your employee mobile devices instead of desktop computers.

Dual Monitor Setups Are Cheaper Than Big Monitors

While it is true you can get some of these benefits just by using large, widescreen monitors, dual monitor systems are still the more cost effective choice. Big monitors come with higher overall costs. Not only do they cost more on their own, but you need video cards that can handle their higher resolutions as well which can add an additional thousand dollars of equipment per system. You can often buy two smaller monitors at half the cost and just use your computers’ built-in dual monitor features.

Dual Monitor Systems Reduce Downtimes

Finally, dual monitor systems are easy to maintain. They are inherently redundant systems. If one of the monitors breaks, your employees can just use the remaining monitor until you can replace the broken one, with no loss of data or productivity. No other monitor setup offers this flexibility.

Dual monitor systems can transform your office into a productivity powerhouse with their larger and more flexible visual workspaces. They are also cost effective and your employees will thank you for having these tools at their disposal. Our IT Solutions are designed to make your business run proficiently in a very competitive marketplace.  Contact us to learn more about how dual monitors can drive employee productivity and impact your bottom line.


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