5 Ways to Embrace the Digital Workplace

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Business Technology

Over the past decade, we have seen the digital workplace evolve at a never-ending rapid pace. In most recent years, the workplace has emerged as a truly digital experience.

The Digital Workplace

Whether you have been in business for awhile or you are just starting out, here are some ways your company can fully embrace and benefit from the digital workplace environment:


First and foremost, the digital workplace is one where you are always connected. This can be good for business, enabling you to deliver fast and efficient service both in the office and on the road. But you will want to make sure that you have processes in place to be able to manage communication appropriately in this “constantly connected” state.  And set boundaries with your customers so they know what kind of communication and response time to expect.


No longer do employees sit at their desks all day in front of a desktop computer. Rather, most employees – especially in smaller businesses – wear many hats that require them to be in and out of the office, and often on the go. For this reason, mobility is extremely important in the digital workplace. Employees need to have the same access to business apps and software both in and out of the office. Mobile phones and laptop computers should be synced and updated in real time so that data remains relevant at all times.


Many companies are choosing to incorporate a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.  This allows employees to bring their own smartphone, tablet or laptop into the workplace and use it for business.  A BYOD can help small business owners by eliminating the cost of buying new devices and also allow more flexibility for employees to work remotely.

Virtual Teams

The digital workplace opens up a whole new world of collaboration for teams located in offices all over the world. It literally “makes the world a smaller place” by closing the gap in communication for employees working remotely.

Digital Security

Along with the convenience and many benefits of the digital workplace comes some risk.

Data security risks must be considered and measures put in place to protect your company from hacks.

IT Management

Traditionally, you would need someone on staff specifically dedicated to managing your business technology. In today’s digital workplace, your options are much broader. While you can still have in-house IT, you can also opt to outsource to a Managed IT Service Provider, which can save you valuable time and money.

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With the emergence of digital technology in the workplace, the old “office” environment is ancient history. The digital workplace is something much different.  Out with the old, in with the new. We must embrace change. We must embrace the digital workplace.  

At Enstep, we are very familiar with the ever-changing digital work environment. Contact us for more information on how to make the digital workplace work best for you.

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