3 Business Technology Must-Haves for 2017

Happy 2017! As you enter a new calendar year, it’s likely that you are making big plans and setting new goals for your business. You’re analyzing what worked well in 2016 and making a list of changes that you believe will yield higher results for 2017. As technology continues to help improve business outcomes significantly, business technology should be at the top of your list.

Must-Have Technology for Small Businesses in 2017

Keeping up with the fast pace at which business technology evolves can be challenging for small business owners. However, it is business technology that will help you remain competitive in your industry, allowing you to keep up with the bigger players.

You may not be able to get all the latest and greatest technology for your business, but here are 3 must-haves for small businesses in 2017:

  1. Accessible “On-the-Go” – You’ve probably heard a lot about mobile-friendly websites, but being accessible by those “on-the-go” encompasses much more. Working remotely has gained in popularity over the past year and it’s not going away. Make sure your employees have all they need to perform all of their essential functions from home or another remote location.  This will help you remain competitive to potential employees but also help you stay afloat should a natural or other disaster threaten your business’s physical location. Mobile payments are also on the rise. Whether you sell products or services, being able to handle transactions with your mobile device allows you to serve customers and clients no matter where you are. The smart device is only getting smarter. It provides convenience that people love. If you want to keep up with the competition, you MUST be accessible to your customers or clients while they are “on-the-go”.
  2. Hone in on the Best Digital Marketing Technology – Your marketing dollars are hard earned and should be well-spent. Traditional marketing methods tend to be pricey and produce leads that are hard to follow. Technology makes it much easier to target those individuals who are looking for your services when they are looking.  One of the biggest ways to increase efficiency in your marketing efforts is through marketing automation. Marketing automation made waves in 2016 and will continue to help businesses target the right leads and follow your customers through their experience. If you haven’t checked into marketing automation for your business, now is the time!
  3. Cyber Security – As we continue to see new technologies introduced, even greater is the need for cyber security measures. The new year is likely to introduce many new threats. Many small businesses make the mistake of assuming that their business is too small to be targeted, but any business of any size that uses technology is at risk. Talk to your IT team about the right security measures to take to protect your business technology.

Start the Year Strong

As a business owner, you are likely looking forward with anticipation and excitement to a prosperous new year. At Enstep, we want to help you accomplish your goals.  Contact us to learn more about which business technology upgrades will help propel your business to great heights in 2017!