Should You Pay Ransomware Attackers?

“Should I pay ransomware?” is one question most online business owners are asking. With increased online commercial operations due to the pandemic, businesses have become more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Hackers steal sensitive commercial data and threaten to publish it if their ransom demands aren’t met.

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Should you pay ransomware attackers? The straightforward answer is “No.” It might be a trick, especially if the hackers learn that you have no technical know-how on cybersecurity matters. If it’s true that hackers have infiltrated your system, it is likely they will demand more money after a paid ransom. 

Why Some Victims Pay Up

With all the substantial risks of paying ransomware attackers, some businesses still end up making ransom payments. But why would they? Most organizations pay ransoms when it’s the only viable option. The municipality of Lafayette, Colorado, is an excellent example of victims who ended up paying ransomware attackers.

Lafayette paid up a ransom of $45,000 in July 2020 when hackers took over their system. After looking at alternative solutions, they realized rebuilding another database would be more costly than paying up the ransomware attackers. Besides, rebuilding a new database would have inconvenienced the municipality’s residents for many months.

Why Experts Advise Against It

While the U.S. law does not prohibit any individual from paying ransoms, cybersecurity experts advise against it. The FBI even implores victims to contact them rather than pay ransoms. Paying such ransoms to regain your data access makes it costly to deal with ransomware attacks. It should be the very last option after trying other alternatives.

What if You’re Targeted by Ransomware?

The fact that you’re handling your commercial business online makes you a target of ransomware attacks. If you suspect that your sensitive data is stolen, you should first confirm if it’s true. Most importantly, you should take all the preventive measures to protect your devices. Avoid clicking random clicks sent via suspicious emails.

Protect Your Computers

Should I pay ransomware? Paying up ransomware is expensive and should be the last resort. You can invest in technologies that can protect your database from ransomware infections. 

If hackers can’t access sensitive data, they have nothing to steal. If they can’t steal, they have no one to hold for ransom. Prevention is always the best cure.

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