Protecting Your Clients from Cyber Criminals

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Business Security

Business owners often spend a lot of money, time, and attention on keeping their business systems and data secure. This is absolutely a good choice for multiple reasons. But what some business owners can forget is that they’re protecting more than just their own data. Customers, clients, and employees alike entrust businesses with their own sensitive information: payment details, social security numbers, trade secrets, and more. As a business owner, what are you doing to protect your clients’ data as well as your own?

Your clients and employees trust you to keep their private information safe. Protecting their data should be an integral part of your own security strategy for your business. How can you improve your security procedures?

Clients, customers, and employees trust businesses to keep their information secure. As a business owner, what are you doing to protect their data? Learn a few extra steps here. #Enstep Click To Tweet

Secure Your Hardware

Antivirus programs and secure passwords are only the first steps. How easy is it for an unauthorized user to get to your computer itself? If your hardware isn’t secured, you’re vulnerable to a different type of cyber attack: direct sabotage or theft of your equipment. Take the time to lock down your computer machinery as well as security software.

Pro Tip: Invest in managed security services to protect your clients’ data as well as your own once your hardware is locked down.

Encourage Employee Efforts

When was the last time you trained your employees on cybersecurity? If they don’t know the warning signs or suspicious websites to avoid, your employees may unintentionally be exposing your clients’ data to risks. Get ahead of this problem with regular security training and educate your employees about all the latest cyber threats. The more informed your team is, the safer you and your clients’ data will be.

Back Up Data

Finally, not every cyberattack results in data being stolen. Some viruses or cybercriminal efforts encrypt the data and demand a ransom. To keep your clients’ information from being held hostage, back everything up in a secure location such as the cloud or an external hard drive. Make sure criminals have no way of accessing it.

Prevent Security Breaches

A data breach of your private business information is already disastrous. But when you’ve been entrusted with other people’s data as well, a cyber attack or security breach can do even more damage. Don’t let security threats get that far and ruin your business and client relations. Implement better security strategies and invest in security services to prevent any attacks long before they begin.

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