Internet Security: What Is Juice Jacking?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Business Security

You have probably heard phones getting juiced jacked, and you wonder, “What is juice jacking?” It is a security vulnerability in which a smartphone can get infected by malware through a USB port. So, if your smartphone battery is dying and you intend to plug it in the nearest USB port charging station, you must think twice.

When you connect your phone to the USB port or cable loaded with malware, the hacker can infect your smartphone with malware to steal your data or track your keystrokes. That’s what we refer to as juice jacking. While this security threat has not yet been popular, it’s ideal to understand the risks involved and how it works.

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How Juice Jacking Works

All smartphones have a common feature: A data stream and power supply passing through a single USB cable. So, when you connect the phone to a USB port through a USB cable, it can share information with the connected device. Unfortunately, hackers can use the idea to infiltrate your phone and steal your data without you knowing.

What Can Happen To Your Device

Two things can happen to your device during juice jacking: Data theft or malware installation.

  • Data Theft: When you plug your phone in a USB port with malware, it gets infected. This could allow the perpetrator to steal data from the device. They often use a crawler program to get account credentials or financial information.
  • Malware Installation: In some cases, cybercriminals can use a malware app to clone the data in your smartphone and transfer it to their devices. Some malware apps can also help them gather information like GPS location and call logs.

How To Protect Yourself 

Now that you understand the impacts of juice jacking, you need to protect your mobile phone from the risk. Here are the tips to consider.

  • Avoid charging your phone on portable wall chargers or public charging stations
  • Use an AC wall outlet if you must charge your phone in public
  • Install security software on your phone to prevent juice jacking
  • Charge your phone using alternative means like power banks
  • Use a USB condom, which is an adaptor that disables the USB’s data pin

Protect Your Devices From Juice Jacking Threats

Now that you understand the risks of juice jacking, you don’t have to wonder, “What is juice jacking?” Instead, the best defense to protect yourself from juice-jacking attacks is by keeping your phone charged all the time. In the case of juice jacking, you need to act fast to prevent further data loss. Use USB charging cables instead of USB data cables.

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