Determining if Your Business Network is Vulnerable

With the unprecedented increase in cyber security issues, it’s essential to determine your business network vulnerability. Otherwise, hackers and other cybercriminals can exploit your system’s security vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive information. It’s shocking, but hackers devise new strategies daily to infiltrate vulnerable networks.

No network is immune to cyberattacks, so you must determine your network vulnerability before the hackers do. Inspect your company’s servers, devices, and cloud-based systems to check for potential weaknesses that flaw your network. Your operating systems can also serve as entry points when compromised.

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Types of Network Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities go beyond the flaws in your programs, emails, and operating systems. Here are the different security vulnerabilities you should know.

Hardware Systems

Your hardware systems can also act as access points for hackers when stolen. They can also use tactics like mailing “gift” USBs to unsuspecting employees and through on-premises trespassing. The best way to avoid such threats is by encrypting your devices and setting a strong password with multi-factor authentication.

Access Through WiFi

WiFi networks offer a convenient way to connect laptops, mobile devices, and desktops to the internet. However, cybercriminals can infiltrate poorly secured WiFI networks. You can protect yourself against such vulnerabilities by firmly securing and encrypting your WiFi network. Also, protect your network passwords virtually.

Software Network Vulnerabilities

Besides hardware vulnerabilities, your software networks can also become vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially when using outdated software. If unsure about your software vulnerability, you can perform penetration testing using a vulnerability scanner to mitigate the security risks. Also, using outside softwares without approval from your IT security team can make your networks more vulnerable.

Assessing Network Vulnerability

The best way to mitigate cybersecurity risks in your company is by performing a vulnerability test. The good news is that many vulnerability assessment tools can help you with security assessments. Alternatively, you can hire an IT expert to help you assess your network’s security and minimize false positives during testing.

Protecting Your Business Network’s Data 

Assessing your business network vulnerability must be your top priority, especially if you offer products or services online. Unfortunately, small businesses are the most vulnerable to security risks due to the lack of network security resources. The good news is that they can rely on managed IT security services to protect their data.

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