Building a Human Firewall for Cybersecurity

Building a human firewall is the most effective way to protect your network systems from cyber attacks. Human error is the number one cause of data breaches, accounting for 52 percent of all cases. Besides, most phishing and social engineering attacks succeed because they exploit human vulnerabilities. So, having an established human firewall can help boost cybersecurity.

So, what’s a human firewall? It’s a team of well-trained and engaged individuals who provide the first line of defense against cyberattacks and are critical to your organization’s success. Human firewalls can counter the rising cybersecurity cases resulting from the innovative strategies employed by hackers.

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Managing Devices 

Today, many workers use their smartphones and laptops to access company files and emails, which can be risky if the devices are unsecured. So, as you focus on securing the gadgets in your office environment, ensure that other devices handling your data are also secure. Otherwise, they might become weak links in your security system.

Here are the tips to help you secure the devices not owned by your company.

  • Know all the devices used by all your staff members
  • Avoid using devices no longer supported by the manufacturers
  • Ensure your IT team is up to date with patches, updates, and malware protection

Phishing Testing & Security Awareness

Run phishing tests on your staff members to understand how they’ll react during a ransomware attack. After that, foster security awareness to help your team know what to do during a cyber attack. They don’t have to worry about protocols but should at least know the following:

  • What phishing emails look like
  • Typical signs of malware and ransomware attacks
  • Cyber hygiene to know what to do with personal and work devices

Policy & Process Management

A company with effective policies and process management can strengthen its human firewall. However, organizations with little attention from management tend to experience numerous challenges, including ransomware attacks. So, before giving workers access to organization devices and information, ensure they know the risks.

The workers should understand the following cybersecurity aspects.

  • Value of data they handle
  • Types of usage allowed and not allowed
  • How to respond to cybersecurity situations

Building a Successful Human Firewall

Now that you know how building a human firewall can help to protect your security chain, it’s time to implement the strategies discussed. Have solid and consistent communication with your staff to ensure it implements security best practices. Also, organize security awareness training sessions. 

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