3 Industries that Need Cyber Insurance

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Business Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, most businesses rightly focus on preventive measures and heightened security. Unfortunately, no security system is perfect. Do you know what to do if your security system fails and your data is lost or stolen? Savvy business owners will know that an excellent solution is cyber insurance, a system designed to minimize losses from a significant data breach. Let’s take a closer look at a few industries and situations where cyber insurance coverage could be priceless.

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High-Risk Industries

No business or industry is truly safe from cyber attacks. However, several industries present more attractive targets to hackers and thus face a higher risk of an attack. Cyber insurance can be an invaluable help to any business in these fields:

  1. Retail
  2. Finance
  3. Healthcare

1) Retail

Grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, and any other retail setting handle hundreds of peoples’ credit card information every day. For a hacker, an unsecured retail system is a gold mine. A cyber attack or data breach at a retail location can be devastating both to the business and the customers. The best strategy for this industry is to put every possible precaution in place, but prepare for the worst with a trustworthy cyber insurance plan.

Pro Tip: Retail businesses have to deal with the threat of credit card skimmers–tiny devices placed on card readers that store customers’ payment info. Check every point of sale daily for anything suspicious.

2) Finance

Financial institutions handle private payment information that scammers would love to get their hands on. Unfortunately, switching to digital documents and transactions may have only increased the risk of data theft. A bank or other financial business must have the best cybersecurity available on the market and cover themselves and their clients with cyber risk insurance.

3) Healthcare

The healthcare industry handles payment info too, but they also handle another type of sensitive information: their patients’ medical history. HIPAA exists for a reason. A person’s medical information is intensely personal and, in the wrong hands, can be used for identity theft or even as a weapon against the patient. Any healthcare office must be aware that even as they adhere to HIPAA guidelines, they’re still at risk for a subtler cyber attack.

A Different Kind of Business Insurance

Cyber insurance covers losses your company may suffer as a result of a data breach. While it’s obviously preferable to not deal with an attack in the first place, having a safety net in place can save you a lot of trouble later on.

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