2022 Trending Computer Viruses

Technology is fast-growing, and so is the number of trending computer viruses. Viruses and malware attacks are dangerous to computer users because they steal personal information and data. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are willing to do anything to track and steal people’s data from their phones or computer.

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What are some recent computer threats to be aware of? 

Some 2022 computer viruses are hidden Ransomware, where the hackers send emails for windows updates. You could also fall victim to IoT attacks. Social engineering crime is another fast-growing malware, where cybercriminals use human psychology to steal data. Crypto Jacking makes it easier to mine bitcoins. Here are the common threats.

  1. Hidden Ransomware
  2. Ransomware as a Service
  3. IoT Device Attacks
  4. Social Engineering
  5. Crypto Jacking

1) Hidden Ransomware

Have you ever gotten an email asking you to urgently install Windows OS’s latest updates? These are hidden Ransomware sent by cybercriminals. The Ransomware encrypts files and asks you to pay to un-encrypt them. Most email service providers cannot detect these malicious emails, so users are advised to use strong antivirus programs to detect dangerous emails. 

2) Ransomware as a Service

Ransomware as a service attack is increasingly common, and many people are affected. In this cyber attack, cybercriminals without the knowledge of Ransomware hire professionals to perform the attacks on their behalf. 

3) IoT Device Attacks

There is a considerable growth of the Internet of Things devices, hence the birth of IoT Device attacks. The IoT devices are at risk because they have less space, so the owners cannot install antivirus software for protection. Besides, the devices store personal information like passwords that hackers can use to gain access to bank accounts and social media accounts. 

4) Social Engineering

Social engineering is the easiest way for cybercriminals to get personal information. The criminals use human psychology and deception to contact service providers and financial institutions to ask customer support for details about the victim. This malware is dangerous because it doesn’t require malicious code but a convincing tongue.

5) Crypto Jacking

Cryptocurrency like bitcoin mining requires a lot of computing power to mine, a reason hackers are turning to Crypto Jacking malware attacks on computers and mobile phones. The virus slows down the device, and the user might eventually throw their phone or computer away. 

Protecting Yourself From 2022 Technology Viruses 

Knowing the trending computer viruses will help you protect yourself from technology crimes. Ensure you install strong antivirus programs and avoid disclosing personal information to strangers. If you don’t know how to secure your network and IT systems, you can opt for managed IT services at Enstep.

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