Why Your Business Needs Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our high-tech world is full of acronyms and we sometimes wonder how important many of them are to us. DRaaS is the acronym for disaster recovery as a service. It is something that every small and medium-size business must have to protect important data. It is the way that a company can have failover to prevent the man-made accident or natural disaster from turning into a business catastrophe.

The cloud environment is the cornerstone of this service. Essentially, DRaaS is a replication of existing servers and is managed by a contracted third-party. DRaaS users recognize they lack the expertise and staff to create and manage a formal disaster recovery plan. Instead, a professional third-party takes over the responsibility of managing what is the best way to stop loss of essential information.

Any business, no matter how small, has to be concerned about files being wiped out. A few years

ago the EC2 cloud services of Amazon crashed. It caused a loss of data but, fortunately for business, Amazon was able to recover from this. Identical good luck may not come the way of a small player in the marketplace. Having transaction information erased because of a major storm, or customer data eliminated because of a man-made mistake can destroy your financial statement.

Disaster Recovery as a Service is Convenient Assistance

A primary reason for getting DRaaS is pretty basic: you are busy! There are a lot of tasks related to your core business that you need to be able to focus on. If you have an IT staff, they need to be involved more in the processing of important information, and trying to see to it that transactions are simple to do. It is rare that a small business has the time or personnel to work on disaster recovery. When you look at the figures, it quickly becomes apparent that it is less expensive to have a third party handle disaster recovery. Cloud-based technology is being used for more activities, but not everybody understands it. A good consulting firm can provide the kind of protection you need at a reasonable cost. As you are looking at the various vendors, you must keep in mind two very important criteria. Competency and honesty must be a part of the relationship. No small business should trust this service to any third party which is demonstrably less than ethical. It goes almost without saying that those folks need to know what they are doing.

Enstep Technology Solutions Understands DRaaS

We know how a disaster can affect your business and provide DRaaS for clients in the Houston metropolitan area to protect your essential files. Our reputation is built on integrity and technical expertise. We make DRaaS affordable, usable, and anxiety free.

No business is so small that it can take a data risk. Calamities occur and they can mean the end of a small or medium-size company, but this is completely avoidable! Contact us to learn more about DRaaS and how it can help you safeguard your essential business information.

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