Backup & Disaster Recovery Resources You Should Have

One of the best ways to secure your organization’s data is to invest in reliable backup disaster recovery resources. Such tools can help your business recover valuable data and operations during an incident. But with numerous disaster recovery solutions in the marketplace, choosing the best backup and disaster recovery resources can be tricky.

How do you identify the backup and disaster recovery resources that suit your business? Well, disaster recovery solutions should address particular issues. So, pinpoint the incidents likely to impact your organization based on the information you know. You can also consult technology experts who manage such incidents.

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Incidents That Could Impact Your Institution

The first step to establishing practical disaster recovery solutions is identifying the incidents that may affect your business. For instance, ransomware and phishing attacks are common cybersecurity incidents that could impact your organization.

Besides cybersecurity risks, you should also think of other plausible incidents. These could be data corruption, system failures, user errors, and natural disasters like floods. The risk of some incidents may be high or low, depending on your circumstances.

Understand Business Operational Needs

Before investing in data backup and recovery solutions, figure out what you intend to protect and why it matters. For example, is it all about getting your organization back up and running after incidents? Or do you have significant ethical or regulatory obligations?

Determine the urgency of files or systems restoration after an incident. Does it vary based on what you’re restoring? Also, consider what’s more vital during the disaster recovery process. For example, is it access to specific files or the entire system?

Necessary Resources for Backup & Disaster Recovery

Investing in the proper backup and disaster recovery resources can help secure your organization’s files and systems. Here are the disaster recovery resources to have.

  • Time Resource: Time is crucial, especially if your system runs 24/7. Such systems are highly operational and may require an advanced recovery solution.
  • Recovery Team: Are there people to support your backup solution? If yes, the team should monitor the backup solution to ensure it’s working correctly.
  • Data Growth and Retention: Data retention is vital for legal and regulatory reasons. Even if you don’t need some data for daily operations, don’t delete it.

Professional Backup & Business Continuity Solutions

With the help of professional backup disaster recovery resources, any data loss won’t exceed your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). All you need to do is prepare a practical disaster recovery plan. You can also invest in cloud backup and recovery solutions to boost data protection. Thankfully, Enstep has your back.

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