How Telecommuting Can Save Your Business

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Articles

We live in a world of variables. Natural disasters, traffic, and other issues often leave offices inaccessible. Thanks to all the new developments in technology, these inconveniences no longer have to affect your clients, deadlines, or employee’s work ethic. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that just the opposite may be true.

Telecommuting: What makes it a great option?

It isn’t only snow and flooding that can cause difficulties for your employees. Workers may find themselves trapped in a two-hour traffic jam and unable to make the meeting. Or an illness may bring them to work spreading germs or keep them at home, unable to accomplish their tasks. Both these options can cause your workforce to temporarily shrink. Telecommuting may be the best of both worlds, allowing business continuity in the face of emergencies. Not to mention, the ability to work from anywhere at any time is quickly becoming a deal-maker for corporate team members.

How is technology making telecommuting possible?

Emails, Face Time, video and conference calls make communication easier than ever. With all the ways to network and hold meetings digitally, your employees will have complete clarity of your expectations. Systems exist to keep track of the hours your representatives spend on work projects and clock their time. Without the commute, more minutes can be devoted to their tasks. This is a win-win.

How does telecommuting produce better and more loyal employees?

If your staff members are concerned about their families in a power outage, focusing at the office may prove trying. Teleworking allows them to focus their time and attention on your business in a more flexible atmosphere. Studies have indicated 20-30 million people work remotely at least one time per week. Allowing for this less traditional, but nonetheless effective option, can yield greater cooperation within your team, a more loyal staff that knows they are valued, and open a door for the future of your business.

But is it worth it financially?

Time is a hot commodity these days. If your corporation were to switch to full-time telework, your employees will save anywhere from 5-15 hours a week by skipping the commute and traffic. This reduces gas and travel expenses, to start. Depending on your need to maintain a physical office space, money could also be saved on electric, water and rent. It is possible to cut your expenses by hundreds of dollars by switching to a partially or entirely remote workforce.

Thanks to developments in telecommuting, your team can continue to function at an optimal level when demanding situations come up. For more instruction on how Enstep provides Disaster Recovery as a Service, see our blog. Clients will continue to be given great results, helping your corporation grow and gain a fantastic reputation. Teleworking helps you financially, as well as giving your employees a wonderful incentive to remain a part of your team. Contact us here at Enstep for more information on telecommuting and business technology options. These advancements ensure your success, that of your employees, and your company.

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