How's Your Telepresence?

Houston is a big city. You might be located downtown, but if you have clients in Katy, Baytown, and Spring, and they all want to have a meeting in the same day, you could have yourself a commuting disaster! Not to mention the troubles that could arise if you try to go nationwide or even international. With telecommuting, however, you can be in all of these places without traveling. And if you can establish yourself a telepresence, you can show your clients that you are a business worth working with. This conference room solution involves everything from hardware requirements all the way to audio video distribution. The service installation will ensure that everything is done on time and is up to code. But most importantly, this feature will bring your conference room into the 21st century. A conference room without tele-capabilities simply won’t cut it in the modern business world. So if you want your company to stay relevant and expand, you need to evaluate your telepresence.