Take Your Boardroom Into The 21st Century

Conference Room Solutions

Is your company’s boardroom capabilities old, outdated, and boring? Maybe you need a properly installed monitor or TV to view presentations, speakers that actually work, automated lighting and A/C controls to make sure you have the perfect lighting for all settings and comfortable temperature during those intense business meetings.

Enstep Technology Solutions specializes in providing solutions for conference room automation, which includes:

  • Hardware requirements
  • Audio video distribution
  • Control systems

Because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, these services are performed by our professional cabling team to ensure they are installed properly, on-time, and up-to-code.

Our conference room solutions include the following:

  • Lighting control
  • Automation of A/C controls
  • Auto/video display units

We provide our customers with the full package: equipment, software, permits, and installation, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Let Enstep automate your business place today. Call us at 281-901-0091.