3 Points of Access Control for your Business

by | Feb 7, 2016 | Articles

Every small, medium, and large sized business should have some form of access control in their building. It’s 2016. Global business is at an all-time high. Markets are extremely competitive. Companies need to do everything they can to secure themselves and understand what is happening on premises. If your business doesn’t have any form of access control, it is probably time to examine your options. Here’s what physical access control can do for you.

Zonify Your Business

Access control tools allow you to set up restriction zones within your office environment. Employees shouldn’t have access to every part of the facility unless they require it for their job functions. Setting up access control lets businesses easily setup groups, or profiles, and assign those profiles specific access to areas within the building.

For example, it would make sense that IT staff need access to the entire business. They need to fix any technology issues from the front desk to the back server room. Does the front desk receptionist or the sales team need the same access, though? Most likely, the answer is no.

Know Who is Coming and Going

We live in a post-Snowden era. Businesses are more aware than ever of the security risks that employees and contractors could potentially impose. The idea is not that in general employees are not trustworthy. Most employees are loyal, hard-working people and we should understand that. Nonetheless, as a business owner or executive, you need to know who is coming and going from the premise. Access control systems catalog when people come and go and through what doors.

Knowing when employees enter and exit the building isn’t only a security issue. It’s a financial and safety issue. Have you ever suspected of dishonesty about staying late or coming in over the weekend? If employees are stealing time, that means the business suffers a financial loss. Your managers need to have the ability to investigate such issues.

If there was ever a fire or a need for evacuation, you will want to know that all of your employees are safe. How can you be sure? An access control system can potentially let first responders if there is a chance that anyone is still in the building.

Access Control for Security

Computerized access control systems, such as badge access, fingerprint readers, or number pads, are much more secure than typical locks and keys. A potential intruder needs access to the primary terminal of the access control system to make changes or gain access. Old fashioned tumbler locks are easy to bypass. Even Medico locks can be picked. Electronic access controls systems can be much more secure than their old-fashioned counterpart.

Access control combined with a quality security camera solution, will help you keep your employees and assets safe and secure.

Physical access control is a vital tool for businesses who want to monitor the safety and security of their employees and proprietary information. Contact Enstep for an evaluation of what form of access control is right for you.

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