10 iPhone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

IPhone has a range of great tools and apps that can make your life much easier. Here are just ten of the very best, determined by us, your iPhone and Apple consultant:

1. Waze

Do you drive? If yes, you need Waze. It doesn’t just get you where you need to go, it uses information gleaned from other users to find the fastest and clearest possible routes.

2. Mint

If you’re trying to save money but need a little extra motivation, this is the app for you. Mint allows you to quickly and easily build budgets and track your spending and saving.

3. 1Password

What’s the most annoying thing about the digital age? Not being able to remember all your passwords, right? This app allows you to store your passwords so you only actually need to remember one—the password to this app.

4. AroundMe

Have you ever spent an hour walking around, trying to find somewhere to eat? AroundMe takes the complications out of finding restaurants, coffee shops, ATMs, and bars near you.

5. Teach Siri your relationships

Did you know that you can teach Siri to call your parents, siblings, and significant others by their relationship to you. Just say, “Call dad,” and Siri will ask who your dad is. Next time, you can just say “Call dad,” and she’ll know who you mean.

6. Turn on airplane mode for faster charging

Getting your battery charged can take a long time—turning on airplane mode while you charge will shorten that time.

7. Shake it

If you’re typing something and you’ve made a mistake, you can shake your phone like an Etch­a­Sketch to clear what you typed.

8. Get better pictures

Hold down the camera button to take a few pictures at a time.

9. Pocket

You can easily save just about anything for later with this handy app, simply called Pocket. From videos to articles, this app will save them and let you access them again.

10. Fastcustomer

Has anyone every liked being on hold for hours, trying to talk to a company’s customer service. This app lets you choose the department you need to contact, tell the company how you feel about them, and then sends them a message that directs them to call you.