5 Reasons Your Employees Need Dual Monitors

Plenty of desk workers use a dual monitor setup for their everyday tasks. For some, it’s simply a preference or a habit. For others, it directly impacts their productivity levels and thus their employer’s bottom line. It may be time for you to start offering this critical advantage to your employees.

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Advantages of Dual Monitor Setups

Using two (and sometimes more!) screens for everyday work has been shown to provide benefits to both the employee and the employer. While not every industry needs this setup, many creative or tech-driven offices will notice an improvement after making the switch to dual screens. Here are just a few ways a second screen can help:

  1. Quick referencing
  2. Running multiple simultaneous programs
  3. Streamlined communication
  4. Straightforward equipment management
  5. Device compatibility

1) Quick Referencing

Two side-by-side computer screens allow a level of quick information referencing that a single screen can’t duplicate. For an example of such a scenario, consider that an employee is working on summarizing a long article into a straightforward infographic. With two screens, they can have the article open on one screen and the graphic design program on the other. This allows them to just glance at the other screen to double-check information, rather than clicking back and forth between internet tabs or different computer programs. This setup streamlines the whole process and saves a surprising amount of time.

2) Running Multiple Simultaneous Programs

Computers can run multiple programs simultaneously, of course. But a single-screen setup requires the user to constantly click back and forth between programs to transfer data. Doing this once or twice isn’t difficult, but repeating the process countless times can quickly become tedious. A dual monitor setup allows an employee to not only have their multiple necessary programs running, but also keep them open on different screens for quick referencing and data transfer. This doubles their desktop workspace!

3) Streamlined Communication

Many office environments require constant communication between team members, clients, and sometimes technical support for a program your employees use. Why not have a dedicated screen for all those essential programs? It’s hard to miss a notification when a communication tool fills an entire screen.

Pro Tip: Some video chat programs, such as Skype, recognize a dual monitor setup and let you choose which screen to share. This can be very useful in a virtual meeting!

4) Straightforward Equipment Management

Buying a new program often requires a long installation process and subsequent setup. Fortunately, setting up dual monitors is not nearly this complicated! Every laptop is built with the capability to support multiple screens–you just need to fine-tune a few settings to your preferences.

Additionally, dual monitor setups offer a much simpler approach to maintenance. If one monitor stops working, it doesn’t completely bring the office to a halt. Your employees still have another screen to work on, after all! And replacing the second monitor is a relatively quick and inexpensive task.

5) Device Compatibility

Finally, an additional monitor gives your employees the option to use their mobile devices in the office. Doing a significant amount of work on a phone, iPad, or similar device can become frustrating since the screen is so small. But with a second monitor, all you need is a docking station to hook up your mobile device to a much larger screen. 

Dual Monitors Can Improve Your Office

In a busy, tech-driven world, every advantage you can get will help you stay ahead of the competition and provide excellent services to your clients. Something as simple as setting up a dual monitor system for your employees could provide the boost you need! Give it a try and see the results for yourself.

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