Is Your Network Infrastructure at Risk?

Cybersecurity is an ever-present concern in today’s world. Both individual computer users and companies spend a good deal of time and money on security measures and go to great lengths to keep their personal information protected. Unfortunately, these measures aren’t always foolproof.

Security and antivirus systems do an amazing job, but sometimes a particularly skilled hacker or a mistake on the user’s part can open your network up to a potential security breach. You can’t always predict when these breaches will happen or if your security systems will protect you. The best thing you can do is learn to recognize and quickly deal with potential risks to your security.

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Out-of-Date Software

Is any of your software outdated? Have you delayed downloading a patch or bug fix? Even if the software in need of updating isn’t specifically an antivirus software, an unpatched problem could still provide a backdoor for a cyber attack. Updating software may seem like a pain, but upgrades or patches are released for a reason. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable! If an update becomes available, take it.

Untrained Employees

Most people generally understand the need for cybersecurity. However, that general understanding doesn’t always translate to actual security in their daily work routines. Thankfully, this problem is easy to fix. Regularly train your employees in the proper security measures for your workplace and test them from time to time. Even if you trust your employees, all it takes is one innocent mistake for a security breach to happen. Don’t take the risk.

Pro Tip: It may be wise to occasionally simulate a security threat, such as a phishing email, and watch how your employees respond. This will give you a good idea of how much training everyone still needs.

Unrestricted Access for Too Many People

The more people who have access to a project, the more vulnerable your system is. Does your entire employee network really need access to a project that only involves a few of them? Consider setting up an access control list to determine who needs free access to which projects, and how long they need it. Most importantly, make sure a former employee can’t log back in and view your data. That’s a data breach waiting to happen!

Ineffective Cybersecurity Tools

With a wide variety of antivirus software and security programs on the market, it’s hard to find the most effective ones. Are you sure the original choices you made are still protecting you from hackers? Perform frequent security audits to make sure your software can still do its job. The last thing your business needs is a faulty firewall.

Managed IT security services can help you with this as well. Not only will this service help you find the best cybersecurity for your business, but it will also provide additional security and run regular checks for you!

Protect Your Business’s Operating System

When it comes to your business’s security and your livelihood, you really can’t be too careful. Good security is worth all the time and money you’ll dedicate to it. Protect your information and let your business keep moving.

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