5 Technology Risks Reduced By Managed IT Services

In this age of technology and instant exchange of information, data protection is crucial for a small business to run smoothly. Unfortunately, some people aren’t aware of the importance of information security until it’s too late. They either don’t know the signs to look for or they don’t feel that technology risk management is important.

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What Do I Need to Know About Technology Risk Management?

A managed IT service monitors your information technology and provides support to mitigate risks. Let’s explore some of these risks that an IT service can help with so you can focus on other business matters and maintain your company’s success.

  1. Data Breach
  2. Data Loss
  3. Compliance Violations
  4. Business Productivity
  5. Loss of Customer Trust

1) Sensitive Information Stolen

Identity theft happens millions of times each year. Lower your risk of theft by using an information technology specialist. A cybersecurity professional will take the proper risk management approach to ensure you, your employees’, and your customer’s data is secure.

2) Loss of Internal or Client Data

Some businesses don’t have the proper tools to back up their files to a secure server, risking the loss of hours of work and losing the trust of their clients. An IT management service monitors your exchange of data and will be notified quickly of any suspicious activity.

3) Compliance Violations

If you’re not educated on the rules and regulations of compliance in your industry, you could be at risk of answering to the government and being charged a hefty fine. For example, in the healthcare industry, the unsecured use of patient information is considered a crime under HIPAA laws. A professional IT management service will do the work to educate you on the subject and make sure you’re following all compliance laws correctly.

4) Slow Down in Business Continuity

In the unfortunate event that your network provider is down or your hard drive crashes, you can rely on managed IT services to handle the issue to get it up and running again. If you attempt to handle the problem yourself but aren’t experienced in troubleshooting, you and your business could risk losing valuable productivity time. It’s best to let an expert assess the problem for you.

ProTip: To keep business running smoothly in the event of a technological emergency, have a disaster recovery plan in place so that your team is aware of how to respond and keep the work momentum going.

5) Loss of Customer Trust

Your customers depend on you to keep their information safe from security threats. If you aren’t prepared with an IT management service to monitor your data, you could lose the trust of your clients and put your business’s reputation at risk. Ensure your customers are confident in your knowledge of data protection.

A Managed IT Service Helps You Identify Risks

When you’ve made the decision to use a professional to manage your IT, you will learn about risk analysis and put a plan in place to reduce them. You can rest assured that your business information is protected.

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