Top Retail Technology Trends to Help Your Store Grow

With the ever-evolving landscape of technology, retailers are starting to adopt a more data-driveRetail technology, IT Infrastructure, Enstep, Hosuton, TXn approach, only investing in new tech trends if they can demonstrate a healthy return on investment.

Retail Technology Trends

As buyer’s expectations go up, retailers are scrambling to keep them satisfied. New technology makes shopping faster, more convenient and safer than ever. With a solid IT foundation and managed services, retailers are free to embrace cutting-edge technologies. Whether you decide to adopt new technology or not, you need to know what’s available if you hope to stay relevant. Click To Tweet

IT Infrastructure

Supporting robust mobile use and other technologies requires advanced networking, storage, and processing systems. Many retailers are fielding store-based computing solutions, including microdata centers and the cloud to support systems without a centralized data center. This flexible IT infrastructure is a must for modern retailers.

Voice Search

As consumers get more used to using voice technologies as a regular part of life, retailers will be able to tap into that to give themselves an edge. Instead of ranking for a traditional Google search, retailers will be competing to rank for a Siri query, such as, “Where can I get a laptop nearby?”

Lifestyle Marketing

As Millennials grow up, their purchasing power will drive much of the marketing in the retail industry. But millennials are more interested in lifestyle experiences and creating memories as opposed to buying stuff, so retailers will need to recognize that in the stories they tell.


Retailers that make better use of that data than their competitors can gain an edge. Predictive analytics are particularly important since the intelligent use of data can ensure that products are in stock where and when customers need to find them.

What It All Means

The retail industry is quick to embrace change if it means making more money, and tech innovators know that. They’ve spent a lot of time developing products that target retailers, which means that there’s a new trend around every corner. Unfortunately, this means that your competitors have access to the same technologies, so if you let your tech lag behind, your store will follow suit.

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