Why Structured Voice and Data Cabling is Vital to Your Business

Your business likely has hours of operation, but does it really ever sleep? With technological advances, internet capabilities and business automation, probably not.

The Benefits of Structured Data and Voice Cabling

Your telecommunication capabilities probably don’t get a lot of thought about unless there’s a problem. However, you may be unnecessarily holding your business back by using an older, slower infrastructure. It deserves some consideration as the transportation system for all your business technology services. You work hard to grow, expand and improve your business, so your IT should be able to keep up. Click To Tweet

Higher Speeds

There’s nothing worse than slow data during critical moments, especially when you’re interacting with a client. You don’t want to compromise your professionalism or reputation due to slow data speeds. Fiber optic cables are higher quality and seldom experience problems. If they do, it’s easier to identify and repair them. This reduces network downtime which saves you money.

Modern Office

The way your office looks and feels affects your employees’ mood, drive, and productivity. A cluttered, messy space hurts efficiency and lowers office morale. Nobody likes to see wires hanging, bundled up, or scattered around. The simple, clean approach of structured cabling not only looks better, but it works better and is easier to use.

Easier Management

Consolidating your cables into one system that handles data in multiple formats is much more manageable than a multiple wiring approach. Cables can go longer distances, reducing interference and errors, and making installation and removal much easier. This makes moving your office location or rearranging much more manageable.

Future Expansion

Higher quality cables equate to a much higher bandwidth. This will give you room for future expansion without having to reevaluate your cabling. Preparing for future growth is a strategic IT move you can make now that will pay dividends for years to come.

Continued Growth

Technology moves fast. Your business has to stay ahead to keep up with the competition. Using an outdated, unconsolidated cabling system restricts your company’s productivity. Upgrade to structured voice and data cabling to position your business for continued growth.
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